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  1. Bills, have you any idea how quickly if ever these 2 mysterious potential investors could make an offer because I think if things go on much longer with no budget for AI, the board will come under pressure to accept anything from club 9? What about the potential Swiss deal that Mark Corbidge mentioned? heard owt? Cheers
  2. Said that to my brother at the end of last season. He would have been the only one I would have kept. We will rue the day we let him go I tell yer!!!!!
  3. If nothing changes re the transfer budget we will finish mid table next season at best.
  4. The board can give AI a sh!te budget now the possibility of him going to Coventry has gone
  5. Thanks for that update Daz. Are you currently working with Bills, Logan, Corbidge on this? Cheers
  6. This just gets more and more confusing. I know Simon is Bills but who is Mark Corbridge and what have they been upto for the past year???!!! Apologies if I'm miles behind with all this. PM would be appreciated Thanks for all your work Lee by the way
  7. Our current crop of subs are crap and would offer nothing if they came on. Its time for AI to show a bit of adventure and give the young lads ( Oliver, Modest, Palmer ) a spot on the bench and give them a shot.
  8. Dan Petrescu is doing well with his new side in Russia. 2 wins and 2 draws from first 4 games.
  9. Apologies if this has been posted before but it made me chuckle. This weeks LOOK LOCAL free newspaper has a letters page on page 17 and printed an apology (Ive typed it cos I dont have a scanner) APOLOGY Look Local would like to apologise for the mistake in last weeks issue. The name of Sheffield Uniteds mascot is Captain Blade and not Captain Pig as was printed. The mistake was a result of an internal joke which was missed by the editor. ----------------------------------------------------------- And above it is a letter from a blade complaining about the " Captain Pig incident "
  10. I loved The Human League, classic 80s band
  11. They should be sending one of the physios out with JJ pre match just to make sure he warms up properly. Both his hamstring pulls/tears have come in the first 15 mins of the game which says to me that he hasnt warmed up and stretched properly pre match. We need him for the last few games, hes deffo improved since AI came in.
  12. No, I got it!! :laugh: Didnt we win the last time Mr Prutch came to watch? Leicester??
  13. Bloody hell that would be a hell of a fare!!!!! :laugh:
  14. Cant see that far, I sit on the Kop. How do you know he was American? Did he have a cowboy hat on and a stars and stripes t-shirt?!!
  15. Its all gone very quiet. Nothing will happen till the summer now I reckon. Get your season tickets bought!!!!
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