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  1. Irvine will not sign any of these players as none of them have ever played for Preston or in the English lower leagues.
  2. I like the pink as well. It's funky and different. Bet it wins
  3. He was my choice before we appointed Irvine and I even PMd Lee Strafford to suggest it. He's just won the Russian equivalent of the Championship in his first season. GET HIM IN!!!!
  4. Can I ask a question Deejayone? I bought my season ticket for this season with the offer of the following 2 years at the same price. Does this offer still stand with MM taking over? Cheers
  5. You dont need to have been an actor or a film director to have an opinion on whether its good or sh!te. Ive got a feeling this interview is seriously gonna come back to haunt him. NOTE TO ALAN...................... DONT EVER INSULT THE SUPPORTERS
  6. He will be on his way out of the club next week to pay the tax bill now the fakeover isn't happening
  7. 100% correct. Irvine makes a big thing about widening the pitch, brings in 2 wingers then doesn't play either. Plays 4 central midfielders, and puts our best 2 midfielders out of position on the wing. And persists on playing another midfielder ( Tudgay ) up front while leaving Mellor and Heff on the bench. The most negative manager in the country. We will finish mid table.
  8. What about, as a complete change Weaver Buxton Purse Spurr Otsemobor JOC Miller Coke Jones Tudgay Mellor Jones and Semi as wingbacks. Get away from the long ball
  9. Correct. This is absolute bullsh!t. We are going under and Irvine is taking us down.
  10. If what was mentioned as the latest nailed on certainty then I dont want any takeover at all. It will p!ss me and a lot of others off if that latest "alleged" deal is accepted. We need a complete clearout, new directors with new ideas.
  11. As long as our former chairman is not coming back
  12. You can buy them at Pete McKee's online shop, Ive just bought it my brother for his birthday. Think its about £25 delivered. The print is called ENJOY if that helps
  13. Oooooh very good. Have you bought anything? Where are you going on your date with Mr Farrell?
  14. So the customary friday shitstorm is off then? Chris Turners family have stopped talking to "Jimmyallen" Mrs DBowl has flounced off cos of Tuna's posts last night Lee Strafford is still having his meal with Rob from Gleem And Bills has just..................................gone Pfffft Even SSN have stopped mentioning the Egg story
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