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  1. Dan Petrescu or Martin O'Neil Come on Milan, make it happen
  2. What about a "mutual consent" arrangement? Then he's not really sacked him has he? Everybodys happy
  3. I will be very very surprised if he is sacked this week Despite only scraping a draw against 9 man Yeovil at home
  4. Bet he won't. After what MM said yesterday that it's not time to panic and the new signings need time I think were gonna have to suffer another few games of this crap
  5. It is a wind up and hasn't happened has it? Back to the thread, Petrescu for me. Wanted him when we sacked Laws
  6. There us absolutely no chance of resigning. He had got Preston flirting with the bottom 3 then claimed he was astonished to find himself sacked, so for us to be sat mid table he will not consider his position in the least bit in danger. We are screwed this season. MM is in a tricky situation. If he sacks Irvine now he will have all the LMA mob on his back for firing another manager so soon after taking over. But surely if he's gonna do it he's gotta do it now so we still have a fighting chance of promotion.
  7. Paul Scholes...........when we sign him next week
  8. I know he's not a ball winner as such but what about Michael Kightly at Wolves. Been out of their squad and could come here for fitness and matches. Great player IMO
  9. Im still not sure bout Irvine. But if he were to go Id go for Dan Petrescu
  10. Owlstalk - First with all the breaking news
  11. official site LAGGING behind owlstalk posters once more!! :-)
  12. I posted it at 1100 today and it was denied by deejayone. Gutted there will be no footie over Xmas.
  13. Thanks for the reply. That original post was made yesterday, I'd heard things had changed. I'm sure there will be lots of people who will be travelling upto Sheffield fir Xmas and the game. Was only asking
  14. Not yet. Owlstalk is always first with the breaking news
  15. Is it right that the Yeovil and Peterborough games have been called off??
  16. Dunt look too bad Edson Buddle We wont sign him
  17. Ive just registered mine. Ive got 1408 points. How much is this worth and how do I spend them? Thanks
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