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  1. 3 hours ago, hasthagotanycheese said:

    There is a way out of it for DC. Accept that he hasnt got the foggiest idea how to run a football club and immediately appoint an experienced Chief Executive who knows the game and the business of football inside out. As Chairman his role would then solely be to provide that person the funds and freedom to run the whole ship properly. 

    The CEO would have total control of hiring and firing managers, running the commerical side of the operation so that local businesses are re-engaged as sponsors / box holders and we are not sponsored by made up taxi / drinks firms. They would also have control of ticket prices so that the fanbase are not alienated by unrealistic pie in the sky ticket prices and unworkable season ticket schemes.

    We are just at a critical tipping point where the fanbase is starting to turn on him. So far he has only shown arrogance and a my way or the highway approach so I would be amazed if he actually did something right for once. If he doesnt start making the right calls very quickly he will find himself in a gilded cage of his own creation as the owner of a League 1 club and north of 100 million spent with nobody willing to pay him his valuation to sell the club. Over to you Mr Chansiri.


    This exactly. 

    Unfortunately over the past 5 years DC has shown that he is completely incapable over handing over any control to people that know how to run a football club (something he clearly knows nothing about, as he admitted) so the chances of us getting a CEO or DOF are zero


  2. 7 hours ago, fpowl said:

    What we need is an interim manager for the rest of this season and next season with the brief see over the transition of this squad with the players we have going out the youth and remaining players working with little or no budget and try and finish as high in the table as possible 


    massively reducing the wage bill, playing with fight and passion, survival is a must 


    improve playing squad and saleable assists through training and development 


    And Chansiri still wants the fans to pay top dollar for this?

  3. Speaking of the pigs I was told a genuine piece of ITK knowledge the other day, one of their players (I've sworn not to say who as this comes directly from his agent) was signing for us this summer, he'd been told he had no future at United by Clough and it was apparently set in stone that he was signing for us. Adkins has come in and decided to keep him now though.

    De Giralamo??

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