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  1. Based on DC's previous dithering we're stuck with this poo till just before Christmas at the earliest. Players clearly don't wanna play for Monk and he has no idea how to win football matches.
  2. The words composure, battle and fret will be in there at least a dozen times each.
  3. Top 3 Cook Stendel GVB Maybe Petrescu Rowett Wagner Avoid zola mclaren monk
  4. Can Chansiri refuse the resignation and put him on gardening leave till Ashley pays up?
  5. And Chansiri still wants the fans to pay top dollar for this?
  6. I turned to my brother and said "we're not gonna score today are we?" As Forestieri pulls his right leg back on 68 minutes!! 😝😝
  7. No pic = it never happened We are getting Carvalhal and Cooper
  8. We will get neither But we will sign Keith Treacy and Steve Howard
  9. Michael Laudrup would have been my choice. Don't want Mark Cooper at all
  10. Laudrup eh?? Interesting suggestion!!! 😉😉😉😉
  11. Don't think he's as wealthy as he was made out to be if he's having to scrape the purchase price together from different bank accounts across the world. It's off, hence we've flogged Antonio on the cheap to give SG a half chance of getting 2 or 3 decent players in
  12. Twitter link Mammadov Sheffield Wednesday, it's done The team announced this morning that the purchase of Sheffield Wednesday (D2) by Hafiz Mammadov, the owner of Lens, was completed Sunday night in London. Chris Waddle is also in talks to become the new manager. The French newspaper had already announced that Milan Mandaric, current owner of the Owls, and Mammadov had met in Monaco to finalize the sale. After several days of negotiations and travel for two men, a new meeting was Sunday night in London. Mandaric therefore sold 100% of its shares against £ 40 million but keeps the presidency of the club. The formalization will be effective this week. At the same time, Mammadov would like a figure for his project. The team cites the name of David Ginola, but it will not happen. Unlike Chris Waddle is in talks to replace Stuart Gray, the current manager. - See more at: http://www.hat-trick.fr/mammadov-a-sheffield-wednesday-cest-fait/ # sthash.8Tb5ee9L.dpuf Above is translated
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