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  1. I'd rather have Reda than Pudil

    I turned to my brother and said "we're not gonna score today are we?" As Forestieri pulls his right leg back on 68 minutes!! 😝😝
  2. Nugent to Wednesday?

    No chance of us signing him
  3. Gestede over Rhodes; Fouad Chafik

    We need a left back. Not a right back
  4. Forget Bamford

    We were never gonna get him
  5. new new new advisor

    Why is Roeder leaving?
  6. DubaiOwl ITK thread

    I hope not
  7. Zola & Di Matteo

    No pic = it never happened We are getting Carvalhal and Cooper
  8. Marshall & Rhodes

    We will get neither But we will sign Keith Treacy and Steve Howard
  9. Michael Laudrup would have been my choice. Don't want Mark Cooper at all
  10. It's RDM (taps nose)

    Laudrup eh?? Interesting suggestion!!! 😉😉😉😉
  11. Next manager thread....

    Michael Laudrup
  12. Expect a new signing this afternoon

    Enoch Showimni 5 year deal
  13. Molina

    Don't think he's as wealthy as he was made out to be if he's having to scrape the purchase price together from different bank accounts across the world. It's off, hence we've flogged Antonio on the cheap to give SG a half chance of getting 2 or 3 decent players in