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  1. Is Low6 a subsidiary of Elev8 I wonder 🤔🤔🤔
  2. This exactly. Unfortunately over the past 5 years DC has shown that he is completely incapable over handing over any control to people that know how to run a football club (something he clearly knows nothing about, as he admitted) so the chances of us getting a CEO or DOF are zero
  3. Based on DC's previous dithering we're stuck with this poo till just before Christmas at the earliest. Players clearly don't wanna play for Monk and he has no idea how to win football matches.
  4. The words composure, battle and fret will be in there at least a dozen times each.
  5. Top 3 Cook Stendel GVB Maybe Petrescu Rowett Wagner Avoid zola mclaren monk
  6. Can Chansiri refuse the resignation and put him on gardening leave till Ashley pays up?
  7. And Chansiri still wants the fans to pay top dollar for this?
  8. I turned to my brother and said "we're not gonna score today are we?" As Forestieri pulls his right leg back on 68 minutes!! 😝😝
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