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  1. I didn't back in 93 abd ysed the cash to buy a cup final replay ticket, coach and beer
  2. Dawson Ihiekwe Henegan Fawemo Hunt FDB Vaulks Bannan James Smith Windass Hard to leave MJ out due to his attacking threat but he's a defensive nightmare Drop Iorfa abd play CB on their natural side!
  3. Put it this way. If former corrie icon Ena Sharples was in our central defence, nowt would get past her
  4. 27744. I see we've also sold out of size 7x large away shirts. This could also make the attendance seem bigger, due to the number of rotund supporters filling all available spaces
  5. I agree, we're overdue a good old fashioned sh** storm Friday
  6. I hope this doesn't go the way of other polls and the losing side refuse to accept the result and we end up getting nothing done for 4 years!!.Fancy having to keep hold of a quality young player for 4 yrs
  7. Oranges from the kop at Hull keeper Ian Mckecknie back in 71 or 72 when he liked oranges!!. Got hundreds thrown at him start of 2nd half. He casually picked 1 or 2 up peeled and ate them. Probably ended up with s***s
  8. Well it's all gone too quiet on the transfer front. What we need is a good old fashioned shtistorm Friday. Can I suggest we all indulge in a vindaloo this evening to jolly things along
  9. Anyway I bet someone Nicks him from under our noses
  10. No interest in the virtue signalling hypocrites. Only Wednesday matter
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