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  1. Yes hopefully, just seen Michael smith is likely to leave Rotherham. Anyone takers?
  2. Mallik wilks rumour gone quiet for a few days, would be buzzing if he was to sign. Do reckon will get him tho
  3. As I live down in south London and I’m only 17, I don’t really know how the season ticket system really works. Do I buy one and get 230 points automatically, or do I have to go to the games at home to get the ten points per game( which would be a right ass each week). Just looking to rack up some points for the near future, where I can hopefully live up in Sheffield and go Wednesday home and away with me old man and my brother.
  4. Your crying over flare, behave yourself helmut rooster
  5. 100% mate, they look quality when they go off. I don’t see the drama either.
  6. Hi mate, are these still going. Haven’t got fleetwood tickets but would die for them two Wycombe ones.
  7. My luck ain’t great, haven’t been to too many games this year away as I unfortunately live down south, I’m 17 and me old man lives in Sheffield. Been to Ipswich, Charlton, Pompey and Gillingham all ending in draws, 3 of which were 0-0. Not the worst but could do with a ******** win on Saturday.
  8. Should be quality that then, possibly 6k on a Saturday night and game is on sky, Massive
  9. Umm what, lost me phone on the train luckily got handed in so collected it a couple days later. I was just asking for a spare Bolton ticket, sorry if I’ve upset you
  10. Have we sold blocks 26 and 27 on lower tier
  11. Let us know if you have a spare for Bolton. Had enough points to get a ticket but lost me phone for around 2 days so couldn’t get one.
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