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  1. BPF Hunt Dunkley Palmer Brown Dele Bannan Adeniran Corbeanu Gregory Shodipo Paterson could maybe but replace shodipo
  2. Very late from me but anyone going to the game tmw with a spare ticket that they need to sell, just because I live around 10 mins away from Wimbledon’s stadium so can’t collect from Sheffield
  3. Probably gonna settle for going in the home end but if anyone does have a spare ticket or two pls let us know
  4. I’ve private messages before, I can’t message you I think you have to message me
  5. Mate that would be golden, I could ideally do With three but if you can only get one that’s alright. I don’t mind transferring you money for the tickets if that’s easier and less hassle for you pal.
  6. I know it’s rather unlikely but if anyone has a spare ticket going for the Wimbledon game at some point pls let me know
  7. Change of plan mate, am I okay to meet you at Hillsborough and pay you the cash in hand pls
  8. Am I alright to send you over my number just because I’ve recently got owlstalk so I can’t private message yet
  9. Am I or8 to get your number, just because I can’t private message on here as I’ve only just joint mate
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