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  1. How did you first find out about Sheffield Wednesday?
  2. Hi! I am an American Manchester United fan who is simulating your team on FM21 (mainly because I wanted to simulate the Blades' rival since I don't like them very much for personal reasons). I am aware of your financial situation and I am very sorry to hear about it (I hope you guys do well in the near future). Most new foreign fans of Sheffield teams pick the pigs over their recent prem stint (and they refer to them as Sheffield smh) so I am in the minority who pick you guys over your rivals lately it feels like. My first season of FM21, I got the owls to finish 16th in the table (would be 13th without the deduction), and I finished 3rd in the defensive table, which was not easy but I enjoyed simulating with your team a lot. Please educate me on your team a bit. I sound a bit silly here but I genuinely want to know more about your team.
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