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  1. His look of utter disbelief after netting at Bramall Lane in 2009?
  2. This is so we can play 4 centre backs across the back line
  3. Shouldn't be playing in defence. Shocking decision week in week out
  4. Why does their keeper get 2 warnings about time wasting on goal kicks but no booking?
  5. Smashing it into the box for our big men to head it in
  6. Berahino doesn't train with the rest of the team does he? No one knows what runs he's making or where he's going to be.
  7. Can we ask Johnson to just do the absolute basics please?
  8. In the build up to those goals, look how far Brennan has come out of centeral defence to close down. The back 3/4 whatever it is is completely disjointed
  9. Seemed a bit light weight, not really sure what he brought in to offer in our current setup.
  10. Looks like the kind of game Corbeanu could do well in
  11. Are we trying to play them offside? Because we don't seem very good at it
  12. Thing to remember is Dunkley? Is stepping up while Stewart is going forward. Not clear up offside for me
  13. Gregory is the new Nuhiu, anytime he's near the ball its a free kick.
  14. I live in Cardiff. Was amazing seeing every street awash with blue and white stripes. Sat in the top right corner of that first photo, bought tickets on the day. My Dad (no longer with us) was sat a few rows away as we couldn't get tickets together, the stadium was bouncing! Been to a lot of Welsh games and never felt it like that, buzzing! Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it, what a game. Wish more games were held at that Stadium.
  15. All those soft free kicks (that weren't a free kick if you were a Wednesdayite or Nihiu or someone who knew anything about football) Defiantly missed him
  16. Not the worst corners from Barry tonight, but last few weeks we've looked more dangerous when someone else has been taking them? Theo I think? More pace
  17. One of those days where if it goes Gregory's way he could have had a hat full
  18. Lets be honest, having played defenders in their regular position they looked clueless... can't do much more with whatever that selection is
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