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  1. His look of utter disbelief after netting at Bramall Lane in 2009?
  2. This is so we can play 4 centre backs across the back line
  3. Shouldn't be playing in defence. Shocking decision week in week out
  4. Why does their keeper get 2 warnings about time wasting on goal kicks but no booking?
  5. Smashing it into the box for our big men to head it in
  6. Berahino doesn't train with the rest of the team does he? No one knows what runs he's making or where he's going to be.
  7. Can we ask Johnson to just do the absolute basics please?
  8. In the build up to those goals, look how far Brennan has come out of centeral defence to close down. The back 3/4 whatever it is is completely disjointed
  9. Seemed a bit light weight, not really sure what he brought in to offer in our current setup.
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