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  1. Windass playing up top along side Patterson. Our team needs all the pace it can get.
  2. Unless the delivery is near perfect I just don't see us scoring.
  3. Inject some pace into the front line second half. There is space to attack.
  4. I am pretty sure a lot of people thought the same of Jacob Murphy when he was first here. Things aren't clicking for Brown, he needs a run of games and some confidence.
  5. Sky Bet, it was the only betting app I could find Vlad on (that makes it sound like I have a problem)
  6. That's awesome (if he's appointed) they limited me to £20
  7. Most bookies will limit the stake on these markets to £10 or £20 so it's unlikely anyone would have gotten a massive payout
  8. £10m in the bank should help us out nicely
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