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  1. We’ve playing the likes of Alfreton, Chester with a game against Wrexham coming up. Yet our U18’s and a few of our U23’s haven’t even trained with the 1st team yet. In these times, why are we signing these lads up if we are not going to give them a chance?Moore’s definitely not taken a look at them. Most probably miles off but surely a few of them could compete at the level of Alfreton (no disrespect) Why are we not arranging in-house games and mixing things up? Surely we can learn more than playing non league teams every week. I’m not sure about Parrott. We need a proven performer at this level to play up top.
  2. He already has. I think the lad will be training with the 1st team squad before too long.
  3. We had 5 trialists and only 2 subs available. Pretty sure this was a case of putting out a phone call and asking him if they could turn out for us. There's no way they are seriously looking at the keeper to sign for the club. The only player who stood out for us was David Agbontohoma. Didn't think any of the trialists were anywhere near good enough. If they are, I'm putting my boots back on at 41yo. The big centre back did OK. Zottos started brightly but eventually kept running up blind alleys.
  4. Don't follow the Ossett game tonight. I think the trialist bloke will be playing a few positions.
  5. Released today. Nothing new. https://www.thepfa.com/news/2021/7/20/pfa-supports-members-sheffield-wednesday
  6. You’re welcome to your opinion. There’s no overreaction. Clubs with successful academies don’t work with a two tiered system. It’s clear the training ground isn’t fit for purpose but the club never blood it’s youngsters. It’s not about chucking kids in the deep end. It’s about preparing them and integrating them over a period of time. We’re giving out pro contracts to kids that haven’t trained with the 1st team. It’s gone on for years. Chasing U18 titles when the Leeds, piggies etc are playing kids up and focusing on player development. It’s crackers. Moore can publicly say what he likes. The reality is much different. The youngsters have been nowhere near the training ground for weeks. That includes our young pros. The U18 fixture today was cancelled and we can guess why. Sums the club up TBH.
  7. Every chance with Cadamarteri. His dad has had more coaching jobs than Bob Hope had Birthdays. He’ll get his lad out of there if they don’t look after him.
  8. The U18’s was cancelled. Be interesting to see if the Ossett game is cancelled Tuesday. I hear none of our young pros have even trained with the 1st team this pre season. As you say Bonnington and the other lads would be miles off 1st team consideration this early but surely should be involved in some training sessions. We wonder why youngsters never progress at this club.
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