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  1. It seems easier to list who will still be under contract after this summer. Iorfa Brown Bannan Byers Adeniran Windass Gregory Dele-Bashiru Johnson(?) We've more work to do than last summer.
  2. Why is it the 46th most important game? I'd say it's the most important one of all.
  3. I'll be in my ST seat on the South on Saturday and hopefully for a playoff home leg. IF we make it to Wemberlee that's where I've dropped a monster bowlack; I fly to Murica monday 16th. On the day of the final I fly Chicago to Boston at 8am Chicago (9am Boston, 2pm UK) landing at 11.27 Boston (4.27pm UK). I've never watched live football at 30,000 ft. Can't imagine the onboard wifi bill will be cheap.
  4. That's the only one it can't be. 3rd will be at home 6.30pm Sunday.
  5. Is this post available in English? My Google translate cannot detect the original.
  6. Got the vpn ready. 3 points in paradise please.
  7. Darling Daughter is in Toronto at the moment. Going to her first ever baseball game tonight. Has bought a Vlad jr jersey for the occasion. I am very jealous.
  8. Traditional pre-season picks: AL East Blue Jays Rays Red Sox Wankees Orioles AL Cent White Sox Tigers Twins Royals Guardians AL West Cheatsros Mariners Angels Rangers A's NL East Mets Phillies Braves Marlins Nats NL Cent Brewers Cards Cubs Reds Pirates NL West Dodgers Giants Padres Rockies D'Backs Dodgers to best Blue Jays in WS. Jim to eat all of the food at Citi, Wrigley and Fenway. PLAYBALL.
  9. Just draft pitchers that actually start games once in a while. Tanking innings in order to deflate ERA and WHIP is crap.
  10. Have a search of Ian Rush and IRAMA. Dodgy AF what's going on at non league level.
  11. "It's nor fair!" crycrycry.
  12. Nope. And certainly not in the General Football Chat section of a SWFC forum.
  13. Look like being bought by the Chicago Cubs owners.
  14. Oh Fernando. And Donaldson to The Bronx? Really?
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