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  1. Fans who give out dogs abuse to opposition players then whine like bîtches when said player gives a bit back.
  2. Took 9(nine) emails to get my Pompey ticket issue sorted.
  3. I’ve emailed them 3 times and tweeted. Zero response. Don’t be telling me how good the ticket office staff are.
  4. I've never watched one - footy opinion or town walks. Not my cup of tea. As someone on here once said, 'nobody clicks video links'.
  5. He started the thread. And dyslexia doesn't cause an interchange between here and hear.
  6. Did anyone with this problem get it sorted? I’ve emailed the ticket office - no response. No surprise. SWFC are the absolute worst at selling their product. Before the usual suspects pipe up, I can’t call or pop in as I’m 5500 miles away with no cell phone service. In contrast I’ve had contact from AFC Wimbledon about corporate spots for our game at their place (since we did that last season).
  7. We can do miracles with modern hearing aids. I'd be surprised if he can only hear for a year though.
  8. How do you not have online sales ready to go at the push of a button at 9am (since that’s when you said they’d be available)? SACK EVERYONE.
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