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  1. The money in the Premier and Champions Leagues isn’t from the competitions, it’s from the big clubs. If all the big clubs moved the money would move with it. A new competition will create its own history, much like the Premier League has over the last 30 years.
  2. Some people are reyt hard and any changes that may reduce risk of long term injury/illness to other people is a threat to their own masculinity.
  3. Football stopped being played by proper men when they started wearing shin pads. These modern players are a disgrace.
  4. Dawson was a good shot stopper when he first came in to the team. Did have very little command of his area and more scared of crosses than Jesus. He has gone backwards with the amount of errors he makes. Wildsmith I don’t think has gotten worse over the years, just hasn’t improved and when he first came into the team we were a little more forgiving of his shortcomings since he was a young lad and expected him to improve into a good keeper. I don’t see either of them improving enough to deserve to be first choice for the season.
  5. 9 was a horrible template shirt. I seem to remember Huddersfield and Coventry having the exact same design. Huddersfield was a faded version of ours and Coventry looked like the blue had run into the white after a wash. I get we’re not exactly that important to global sportswear companies but to have clubs in the same division with blue and with the same design made it so much worse.
  6. Was promised a signed photo of Danny DeVito. No one can compete with that pulling power.
  7. That orange keepers kit though
  8. Not really any logic behind that one. You’ve got possession and it’s not like the player is stuck off the field after a throw in. It’s not like a corner taker can has anymore ability to be involved in the play than someone taking a throw in. Really a case of because of his stature in the game his ideas must be good even if they’re rubbish. Probably getting paid a fortune to be on some advisory board that they need to justify.
  9. I can imagine a lot of cramps popping up around 90 minutes.
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