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  1. Imagine winning the league and then 2 of your best players reject new contracts and drop back into League 1 to join the massive...
  2. I swear a little bit of wee came out i was laughing that much.... thats genius...
  3. He's an athlete and not really past his prime for a keeper in this day and age.... he played a full season injury free... i'm pretty sure DM has done his homework and wouldnt sign someone who "struggles to get down to low shots".............. ridiculous statement....
  4. He turned down a new contract offer....
  5. I've gone for 2027-2031.... We'll go up next season and then have a good couple of years in the Championship.... then we'll romp it in 4-5 years....
  6. Class from Liverpool again...
  7. with the exception of Luton i would say every team in the Championship holds well over 4k in the away end.
  8. It's reported there are a few clubs sniffing round Gregory... hope we keep hold of him.
  9. Stood there minding his own with his hands in his pockets... yea he was full on asking for trouble.... are you for real... or fishing as per usual...
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