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  1. The bacon rasher one is actually better looking than this one. I'm being serious as well.
  2. Could do that stood on me ead, and both arms tied together and each ankle. Oh and I'd have me eyes closed an all
  3. FFS, I meant "He'll score more goals than you, Bannister, Bannister". Bit of a senior moment before.
  4. Seem to remember, to the tune of the British Airways advert, "We'll take more care of you, Bannister, Bannister"
  5. I'm sure Andy Booth missed a sitter! You could say that about any game he was in, surely. Sorry Shirley
  6. For Sunderland to match the Toytown-Scratters on this ludicrous chart, they would need to take 5,500 to every away game. Going to struggle at Accrington when the whole ground only holds 3000. We can all bend the numbers you smelly tramps.
  7. It was either Wednesday or Community Service the magistrate said. Wish I'd taken the 200 hours now!
  8. I was in that bit too, Kuqi with is obligatory Swan-dive. Great game
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