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  1. His lad played. Talked to Danny afterwards. Decent bloke, enjoying his retirement.
  2. Over tinkers with team selection but inflexible with tactics perhaps? I get your point though. Like the guy behind me on Monday who was calling the ref all sorts for only adding 3 minutes on in the first half......but then having a go at him after they scored for playing too much added time in the second.
  3. Had sex a few times. Put me off if anything to be honest
  4. The Verdi tune was from the Pompey fans. I thought it was reyt quiet for most of today. This big Hillsborough noise/ support thing is a bit of a myth really isn't it? Reminded me of the Huddersfield semi today. Packed but quiet.
  5. Baz wasn't having his best game - far from it but at 1-0, we needed to keep possession of the football and see it out. He's our best option for that. He's always the point of the triangle - Luongo and Johnson on the left and Hunt and Byers on the right - in both instances after he'd gone off we lost possession cheaply because the bloke who normally joins in and ensures we come away with the ball was sat on the bench. Not a dig at FDB but that's not his game.
  6. Just about spot on. Iorfa for me is the sort of defender you want when under the cosh, last ditch tackles etc. Looked like a fish out of water last night at times BUT let's remember he's been out for ages so will look clunky. Give him time and he'll come good, but not 100% convinced playing in a back 3 with plenty of possession is his strongest suite
  7. I think the irony of it all is that Hirst senior didn't want George to go out on loan to Rotherham when he was here as he didn't think he was physically strong enough. He wanted him to stay here while he filled out a bit (probably fearing him getting seriously injured at a young age). Then he ends up at Rotherham and struggles on several fronts - RUFC were supposedly paying 50% of George's £10k a week wages which allegedly still made him the top earner on their payroll. Some senior players at Rotherham reportedly took exception to this.
  8. MacIver is 18, nowhere near the Aberdeen first team and his only first team experience is at Highland League side Huntly where he's played a dozen or so games. Aberdeen have offered new contracts to their rated youngsters. He hasn't been offered one. This Aberdeen side is atrocious as well by the way.
  9. Yes. Let's ban our most loyal fans. Fact is our away following is a diverse group. Are there young lads, behaving like dickheads? Yes. Was I like that 20 years ago? Probably. There's still loads of people that go and enjoy the game. Loads of people stood near me today in their 60s, poss 70s. Can't we just enjoy an away game without trying to homogenise it into some bland, corporate style experience. The guy complaining about his kid being scared on radio sheff earlier sums it up for me. Parental responsibility. If his 9 year old doesn't like rowdy crowds, don't take them to an away football match.
  10. Is your opinion based on going to away games this season or watching online?
  11. Sold 4000 to Season Ticket holders with 490 or more TPP??????
  12. Scott still lives in Sheffield. His lad plays in the same grassroots side as Chris Sedgwick's lad. Both very good players apparently. From what I've heard Sedgwick is a decent bloke; Scott on the other hand......
  13. There's a category band missing here - should go from 460 points or more to all ST holders, then onto members and Foundation Members.
  14. Have you got any spare seats on your coach pal? Looking for 3?
  15. No. Imagine a free kick lined up complwete with wall etc eg Waddle v pigs, Gazza, or someone the kids are familiar with and they try and reenact it. They'd love it. From memory there's not a lot of interactive stuff for the kids at Manchester museum - sticking their head through a cut out pretending to be Messi or Ronaldo was one thing. Pretty basic really. In short it needs to appeal to all generations - older folks might enjoy an exhibition on Stan Mortensen, Sheffield FC, Hallam and the Youdan Cup but to appeal to the kids it needs something a bit different.
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