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  1. Who cares? he was good years ago. But not recently
  2. Yes, Did it Wednesday evening on the o% interest finance option! I disagree with how they have gone about this early bird period but I’m glad they brought in the finance options
  3. I often think I’ve stumbled on to a Blunts fan page with the way some so called fans slagg off the players, club, manager. just think if everyone got behind them, what having a positive place might do for the confidence of the team instead of all this negativity surrounding our club.
  4. https://twitter.com/wtidpod/status/1445401445222789120?s=21 finally got it. How is this not a penalty?
  5. I think he needs to be given time, he’s got virtually a new squad, we can’t keep hiring and firing managers. It will come good. We just have to be patient
  6. Does anyone have the video of the disallowed penalty against Oxford? if so will you share it please? ive looked all over and I can’t find it anywhere. it seems the media don’t like to show potential reffing mistakes. cheers guys.
  7. This is just for home games isn’t it? The away games are still available to watch via iplayer aren’t they? I’m sure there’s a way to watch them when they are away. Of course when they are at home I’ll be in the stadium.
  8. The other consideration is that sometimes making someone with personality the captains role can take something out of their game. it would worry me that by giving it to Hutch, it could effect his edge? I get why people are saying that Dunk hasn’t played much but he was out with a bad leg break when we bought him. We took the risk because he is that good so hopefully he is now fully recovered and can get back to playing every game. If he can, he’s my captain choice.
  9. Personally leave it with Bannan if he stays, if he goes id give it to Dunkley. He’s experienced as a captain and was apparently a good captain. Also he will potentially be with us for a few years as is a good age.
  10. Oh, and stop playing negatively. We need to set up to go out there to win games. Not set up to not lose games!
  11. I agree with most on here. 2 strikers! Proven goal scorers at this level. We were relegated last season due to the lack of goals in the team. Monk allowed all our strikers to leave and replaced them with attacking midfield players. As ole big Ed once said. “Goals win games!”
  12. I think those prices are ok. I’m going to the Stocksbridge game against the owls and they are charging £8. Parkgate FC often charge between £4-6 for non league football so £20 a game for professional football is ok. But as a season ticket holder, that’s still the cheapest option.
  13. Uber Facts Mike Tyson says that wearing pink makes him feel powerful, and almost makes him want to fight
  14. Darren Moore has come out and said he knows nothing about this rumour of anyone being after Bannan or him going. pits looking like yet another media generated story.
  15. I’m hoping he’s looking at players that are #9 goal scorers. Windass and Patterson are more like attacking midfielders / wingers / #10’s it’s more likely I think he will bring a goal scorer in and move Windass to the wing and Patterson Playing number to supporting.
  16. I usually only have it on when I’m in the car.
  17. I stopped listening to football heaven years ago. It was the same 10-15 people ringing up. The station went all in with the blunts when they were top of the championship and thereafter. I think owls fans stopped listening so after games when I had it on or on the few times I’m in the car and I put it on, there seems to be mostly other teams fans on. I don’t think they seemed neutral and sit in the same arena as the sheffield Stir, always pushing negative stories about us(and there’s been loads) but aggressively doing it. It felt on many occasions they were slagging my club off. it pushed many fans away. I’ll listen again after games but I don’t think it will change unless there’s a massive shift from their favoured gutter reporting.
  18. Looking at it, he’s an Irish U18 and U21 and scored 10 goal in 39 appearances for Oxford last season. 24 year old. Looks like a great signing.
  19. I think some of these comments are one step beyond
  20. Yeah me too. I thought he was off to a team in Germany
  21. I renewed mine, my son and my dad’s season tickets with no issue, we’re looking forward to getting back.
  22. To be honest, I’m happy with this. I think it’s a step in the right direction. Their kits a good quality and hopefully will be available before the season starts. Let’s hope they are priced reasonably.
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