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  1. On the first game of the season and we can all say he will be the difference between play-offs and automatic
  2. Do the fans actually realise the situation we are in? We are overpaying players to come and join us The stadium and hospitality is on it's ass Fans fed up with chairman Fans being told they can't have refunds We have no player assets Ticket prices still OTT And the chairman won't go.........................
  3. I was talking to someone from the ticket office over the weekend and they think the categories are crap. Essentially makes it easier for the club to make more money by having more categories. It's easier to put an F game into an D or E, than having three categories and trying to turn a C into a B, meaning the club was blidnfolding POTG fans. Also noting that 4/5 big category games from last season have been replaced with 2 (Derby Barnsley).
  4. But many aren't asking for discount tix every game, just 2/3 times a season. Nobody who is paying match by match will think they are going to get cheaper than a ST holder. Do people pick and choose their games against top teams? Well, I don't think there are any top teams in L1. I would go if it was £15-£20 on a cold Tuesday v Fleetwood, but I wouldn't go and pay a minimum of £28 to watch us for £28 v Barnsley/Portsmouth
  5. success on the pitch doesn't always drive tix sales. we had a bad season when we played united, still a good crowd, good crowd v locals, good crowds when prices are cheap/fair.
  6. let's use this as an example we have six home games against average teams in the league (Burton, Bristol R, Wycombe, Oxford, CHeltenham etc) How many fans do we get that it's £20 how many fans do we get that it's £30 what's the percentage difference on matchday tix? 20% it puts paid to your point about sustaining attendances and potentially could be a pivot to us picking up more points. and of course you talk about our revenues, but they could go up because we've got promoted........ swings and roundabouts. in all fairness - those rubbish midweek matches v nobody should be a lot cheaper than they are.
  7. Midweek home games (according to fixture list as of now) Bristol Rovers Port Vale Morecambe Accrington (Easter Monday) None of those games should be £20+, in fact, wouldn't £15 ok? £15 kop, £18 north, £20 south. Not asking for Barnsley and derby to be cheap. And I will say this again, to anyone reading is £28 for Portsmouth really fair?
  8. you are a ST holder who is getting the best value and you'd be annoyed over seeing hillsborough a little more full because people can potentially afford the discounted ticket? one of our last home games, we're 4th, chance automatic, play-offs or winning the league - home v Acrrington/Exeter and youd really want us to have 21k because someone is getting a one-off discount to fill the ground???
  9. Would ST holders get upset that it was £15 for midweek games 2/3/4 times a season?? you mention the cost of living, but for those who struggle and want to watch the football, are you going to pay £28 min for portsmouth? I am not struggling and I am no to £28. Do you think £28 is fair? As for £5, maybe yes or no. We had a game v Crewe towards the end and I said no over the sake of around a fiver. And sure - everyone wants cheaper - but this is realism. £25 is more than enough for L1 football.
  10. I knew there was problems with each suggestion I posted - but we still need change somewhere. Deadlines, yep too many, but the club are aware of the situation and people just can't can't find the money within weeks. A cup S/T could be 5 games minimum - price at £50/£60 and they know they have a deal of sorts. boosted atmosphere means we might reach middle rounds and get a big tie or maybe not. But a lot of those who maybe be interested in £50/£60 ST would have no interest in one game in the cups, eg crap draws, pap john etc. and sure opening west lower is a potential issue for staffing issues, but a lot enjoy it. just a suggestion, like I say all have issues. But I definitely 1000000% think that the max price should be £25.
  11. Midweek games v cheltenham/burton/Forest Green @ £15 - I would go and I think may others would feel the same
  12. If Derby can sort themselves out in next two weeks, and it's Ashley, I wouldn't be surprised if he threw a decent wedge at getting them up first time. he wants a return and won't want to be waiting for it. think wednesday will go up automatic this season
  13. you could argue that a better atmosphere would benefit our league position............
  14. I don't think our prices are horrendous, but they still should be slightly lower.
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