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  1. Moore has as good a chance as any new manager would of getting us promoted next season. In fact with a year's worth of experience of the league and his players perhaps even better than most. What I find odd is that some people seem to think that Moore isn't responsible for getting the 85 points we did get but is absolutely responsible for every point we failed to get. The kind of bizarre thinking which leads to people genuinely posting that if you don't count some of our wins then his record is worse! I think the league will be more difficult next season with a good 10 teams thinking they will have a genuine shot at promotion and we need some better luck with injuries, a more settled side at the back and some younger players in the squad but I think that under Moore we will give it a good go again.
  2. Being a professional footballer (as opposed to having to do a regular job) and especially so for your own team is a dream for most fans of any club so I think it understandable that people don't quite see it the way the players do. Of course players may make decisions based purely on financial grounds and regret it later in their career if things don't work out or later in life when they turn a bit more sentimental. I think the jury is still out on Hirst Jr in terms of his career but this season does seem to have been a turning point and as long as he's not wasted it on fast cars and loose women I'm sure his bank balance is pretty healthy. Despite being no fan of MK Dons I do occasionally think about Dean Lewington who has been with them since they were formed and I think has played most of their games this season. He's an MK legend for what that's worth and whereas I'm sure he never turned down a dream move to Man U or Liverpool you do wonder if he regrets not playing for someone else at some point.
  3. Perhaps so yes, but from a fan perspective that's an attack on the club rather than the chairman and so it elicits an emotional response. I'm as guilty as anyone but with Hirst, along with Shaw and Urhoghide, there does seem to be an extra demand for 'loyalty' to the club over their own career which doesn't seem to work both ways; I'm sure there are plenty of the academy players we're about to release that would happily remain loyal if we offered them a new contract, or the like of Jaden Brown or Sylla Sow who would be the most loyal players we own and stay put if given the chance but where fans will demand that we 'get rid' as they aren't good enough.
  4. I think there is a sense of injustice about the way George Hirst signed for Leicester using a loophole to get out of paying us adequate compensation. Chansiri should have taken the offer from Leicester when it was on the table but it's pretty underhand the way it was all done. The person least to blame for that is probably George himself who was just a lad but it's easier to rage against him that his dad and Nigel Pearson who have untouchable legend status. It's not really even Leicester's fault in that sense as the system allows them to have a Belgian feeder club and take advantage of clubs further down the food chain in this way. Chelsea have / had a similar arrangement with Vitesse Arnhem and there's no way it this isn't some cynical way of getting round some rule or other. For me though it does somewhat take the shine off of Leicester's recent achievements as for all the David and Goliath analogies of them beating the 'top six' to the title and FA Cup you just know they are as cynical as those other teams.
  5. Just to resurrect another old thread which seems somewhat relevant now that we face Neil's Sunderland in the play-off semi-finals. He seems to have done a decent job up there from what I can see since taking over from Lee Johnson. Back in November I was very much 'Moore out' and would have welcomed Alex Neil as manager with open arms. Moore has since completely won me over and I think we should stick with him whatever happens in the play-offs but it will be interesting to see them come up against each other. I'm certainly not looking forward to him employing his negative tactics against us.
  6. 20 different players have scored for us in the league this season, plus another two who scored in the Papa Johns games.
  7. If Wednesday lose then I'll definitely be supporting Sunderland for the final. Wycombe are basically set up to cheat their way to victory and although MK Dons play some nice stuff I'm of an age where I can never forget how they came to into existence. It's also 'about time' Sunderland got out of this league after 5 years and that's just one reason why I'm not very confident about our chances; sometimes it just seems like a team is on some kind of pre-determined path to promotion (see also the large numbers of last minute winners over recent weeks). There has been a bit of an embarrassing trend on twitter of fans of Wigan, Wycombe. MK Done and Rotherham having a love-in and wearing their lack of support as a kind of badge of honour. Yes, supporter numbers don't win you promotion but attracting big gates in the third tier of football is something to shout about and fans of bigger teams going though hard times do deserve some level of reward. Same reason I'd like to see Forest get promoted to the Premier League, not a fan in any way but they are 1000% times preferable to Bournemouth getting back up.
  8. The season might still end in failure (in terms of promotion) but there is no doubt that the last 4 months have reignited a 'feel-good' factor around Wednesday and that we've seen some good performances, a lot of goals and a sense of pride being restored. Reading my thoughts back from January and having seen every game in 2022 so far it's clear that Byers and Berahino have been the most improved players since then. I also think the level of performance from Hunt has improved, Johnson has flourished as a wing-back and Peacock-Farrell has been less error prone (although he does sometimes still make me quite nervous). We haven't missed Wing or Corbeanu at all and Brown, Kamberi and Sow have been seen less and less as other players returned from injury. Shodipo hasn't had the chance to show us anything and I'd almost completely forgotten about Adeniran with him having been out injured. We've also seen glimpses of Gibson that were positive before injury struck him again. Mendez-Laing looked for a brief period like he was going to be the main man but I don't think he's looked anywhere near as good since his injury and John-Jules was injured straight away and surely we won't see him again. Jordan Storey has been quietly effective at shoring up the defence (although we've still quite vulnerable from set-pieces) and Dean has looked the part when he's played but jinxed himself by saying he never gets injured. Any one of these players could of course make themselves a hero with a potential three games to play but on the basis of the season as a whole thus far I'd say the signings of BPF, Hunt, Adeniran, Johnson, Corbeanu, Gregory, Berahino, Mendez-Laing, Storey and Dean have all been successful to a greater or lesser extend and only Brown, Wing, Gibson, Shodipo, Sow, Kamberi and John-Jules have been disappointing. Not a bad return at all.
  9. Worth resurrecting this thread to say that with the regular league season now at an end Gregory is the joint 8th highest goal scorer in League 1 with 16 goals (plus 5 assists). When he said earlier in the season he was targeting 20 goals I'll admit I was sceptical but it's arguable that if not for his injury he'd be there now. Plus he could still get there with the play-off games still to play.
  10. Covid clearly had a huge impact but even without it we're still in a situation where the club loses money year on year and needs Chansiri to bankroll us. Far from uncommon but save from getting promoted to the Premier League in the next couple of years or getting a huge transfer fee from somewhere we really need long-term thinking to address this and somehow move towards profitability. I'm not sure what the answer is but the sums of money that re involved leave me very worried about the future of the club and whereas short-term success helps, it seems that getting proper sustainable plans in place for the next 5-10 years is actually more important in the grand scheme of things than the result against Sunderland in the play-offs.
  11. Hindsight is great but if he could have been talked into working under Carlos rather than leaving, perhaps with a remit to identify players and do defensive coaching then he would have been the perfect man to take over and steady the ship again instead of the likes of Jos and Monk. The football under Gray was pretty dire at times but he had an eye for a player and knew how to eek out enough points to stay up.
  12. Just had a look on Twitter and yes, a bunch of sad try-hards
  13. I've noticed a change in some fan behaviour where getting behind the team, chanting and making noise when things aren't perhaps going so well is less important than waiting for us to score and then doing the most outrageous celebration possible, invading the pitch or launching themselves down the gangway or into others, sometimes while filming on their phones. It's all very self-conscious and fake rather than being a natural reaction to us scoring. It's all about being able to post a video captioned 'limbs' than helping Wednesday to win. Each to their own unless it impacts on others and I think it is increasingly starting to do so.
  14. Pretty insulting view of working class people to be honest. There is nothing about being working class that means that you are more prone to violence, illegal or anti-social behaviour or a lack of respect for others. In fact I would suggest that people from a working class background are more likely to respect their elders and look to protect more vulnerable supporters; not to be launching themselves at seniors or upsetting children. What we are talking about is selfish idiots and they can come from any class or background.
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