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  1. I wanted Cook last year and I think he would have made a better stab at staying up than Moore did (albeit he was ill for a lot of the time) but having allowed him to recruit so many players and us having started to play better in the league I want Moore to be a success and hopefully be manager for many years to come. If we had a managerial vacancy in future however and Cook was available I still think he'd do a decent job for us.
  2. Giving this thread a bump as I don't think I've seen much publicity on this from the club and Pato is a bit short of his target (insert jokes about his missed sitters against Accrington here). I know he comes in for some criticism but I don't think you could argue he ever gives less than 100% in which ever position he gets played in and he's the type of player you need when things become a battle. It's also for a good cause and I know Owlstalkers are a generous lot.
  3. I'm sure there would be an attempt at a phoenix club and I'd try and support that but I don't think it would be easy to maintain the enthusiasm. I sometimes go and watch Sheffield FC, Dronfield Town, Hallam or some other amateur teams down the pyramid and even though I enjoy the games it's not quite the same as watching Wednesday play and defeat hurts a hell of a lot less. What AFC Wimbledon have achieved is pretty remarkable in such a short space of time and there would certainly be no guarantee of a return to where we are now for several years; just look at some of the teams in the National League in terms of history, fanbase and finance and it would be years before we even got to that level.
  4. Where we are now, he'd get my vote. Someone who can get results based on the resources available and a oversee a team that would be less likely to concede so many late goals. Negative tactics or not I want to see my team win and get out of this division and then stay in the Championship the first season back. After that when perhaps FFP restrictions have lifted it would be time to reassess whether he was the right man to reintroduce a better style of play and make an assault on promotion to the Prem. At the moment we have turgid football, we're not getting results and it doesn't look likely that a return to the Championship is happening anytime soon.
  5. I think Moore will stick to 3 at the back so I would play Brennan in there with Dunkley and Palmer and have Agbontohoma on the bench. Luongo needs to play in midfield to provide some protection and then Corbeanu and Shodipo / Sow can play at wing back and realistically be our main threat. Bannan and FDB / Byers also in the centre of defence. I would also seriously consider starting Adedoyin up front with Kamberi in place of Berahino.
  6. I've had a season ticket on the South Stand for about 10 years now, having switched from the kop in my mid-thirties. It's a mixture of older fans, families, and others who support Sheffield Wednesday week in and week out in the way they want to and I think it's odd that others feel the need to criticise because maybe they don't sing as much as fans in other stands; especially when it's usually based on experiences of isolated visits during sparsely attended games such as those against Plymouth and Harrogate. We were all children once, discovering our love for the club, and one day hopefully we'll all be older fans still going into our retirement.
  7. I think the game is likely to be played on 30th November and if so it would be the 7th home game of the month.
  8. it's only a pointless exercise if players are allowed to get away with that behaviour. The same goes for the actual U23 players but if there is a clear correlation between playing well at U23 level and being considered for first team opportunities then it makes the whole thing more worthwhile.
  9. Also, in previous seasons there have always been a few more of the fringe first team players involved with the U23 team; keeping them a bit sharper and giving the young lads someone to maybe learn from and beef up the team. Luongo and Byers played the first 45 minutes last night but that was part of their fitness and I don't think any other senior players have turned out for them this year. Sow, Kamberi, Wing, Brown and others could benefit from getting some semi-competitive minutes under their belt if they don't get on the pitch for the first team but there seems to have been a conscious decision not to use the U23s for that purpose thus far.
  10. There is an argument that for the U23 team results don't really matter as it's all about developing players and having them ready for the first team. However developing a 'winning attitude' surely also has to be part of that development and our U23 team are miles away from having that. There are plenty of our players out on loan and a few trialists have been playing recently but apart from a 5-1 win over Peterborough's U23 team a few weeks ago results this season have been dire so far and that can't be doing any of these lads' confidence levels any good. Heads noticeably dropped after the 2nd goal last night. Declan Thompson played yesterday and before the game I was confident he's be playing against Harrogate next week but being part of a defence that seems to concede three goals most weeks doesn't seem like an ideal springboard. Jack Hall in goal is only 16, has impressed for the U18 team and has recently been called up to the England youth set up but will hope nobody from the national team saw last nights game.
  11. Doesn't seem to have been much in the way of an announcement but they are now on sale to season ticket holders, members and the like. £10. General sale from 3rd November. It's a dead rubber in a competition no one cares about in a crowded month for home games so I think it might be a very sparsely attended game.
  12. We have six youngsters out on loan (Hunt, Galvin, Waldock, Hagan, Jackson and Brennan) and the U23 team is currently struggling with five defeats and two draws and only two goals scored so far. Two youngsters were unused subs on Tuesday against Mansfield (Render, and Adedoyin) and I think that the latter may have got on if we'd have been more comfortable. I expect with the Harrogate game now being a dead rubber we might see a few more youngsters play next month. The U18 team are doing a lot better and everyone always gets very excited by snippets they hear but I think it very rare that players that age can step up. Everyone would love for us to find our own Rooney, Owen or more recently Jude Bellingham but I think patience is required. A couple of the U18 lads do seem really promising (Jack Hall, Leojo Davidson, and Bailey Cadamarteri in particular) but lets give them a chance at U23 level before expecting them to impact the first team.
  13. Back in March 2012 I managed to get a ticket for the Notts County away game where the season turned on it's head and we gained the advantage over United in the fight for automatic promotion. I was a season ticket holder but at this point I'd only been to one other away game that season. I don't recall any issue getting a ticket for what I'm guessing was a high demand game. This was before the priority points system and maybe I just got lucky but I do have the general impression that going away was a lot easier back then for the more casual away supporter; less overall demand and maybe people not buying tickets for games they don't actually want / intend to go to just to get the points. The priority points system is probably the fairest way to go about things and people 'gaming' the system are probably few and far between and I can accept likely missing out on Wimbledon and Cheltenham but I am interested in the culture change the system has introduced in fan behaviour.
  14. This is where hopefully things will pick up yes. Need the attacking wide players to be chipping in to bolster what we get from the one up top. Lots of competition for places so hopefully we'll start to see this, especially with Shodipo and then Windass coming back.
  15. Someone mentioned playing 442 in the Berahino thread and I wonder what people's thoughts on this are? Gregory and Berahino up top with a couple of proper wingers as well as Bannan feeding them through the middle. 442 is out of fashion but I do sometimes worry that in a 433 it's not always clear whether the wide attackers should be looking to get in the box and score or primarily be there to feed the centre forward. Perhaps the risk is that you lose the midfield battle and I think it would work best with a fit Luongo alongside Bannan. I also think we're unusually blessed with lots of players who can comfortably play two or more positions (Palmer, Johnson, Paterson, Hutch, Brown) so switching formation during the game is a little easier if things aren't working out.
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