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  1. I've lived just outside Derby for about 12 years now and whilst I have great sympathy for fans and staff at the club (my in-laws are season ticket holders at Pride Park), I am getting increasingly annoyed at the Derby fans I meet and hear or read comments from. They are in an awful position I know, but they are seriously beginning to sound like the new Liverpool: everybody elses fault but their own. At the end of the day, they have cheated on a massive, massive scale and, whilst I do feel sorry for them, they are getting what they deserve. I play football with someone who currently works at the club (quite high up) and he tells me stuff that is just absurd. He predicted this happening at the start of last season as he was in the know just how dodgy and devious Mel Morris has been. He, the club and the fans got greedy, entitled, and it has bitten them big time. They to now need to take their punishment and shut up. If theyd have done this in the first place, they wouldnt have been in this mess.
  2. Windass will not be here come the end of January I fear.
  3. Safe journey to everyone going tonight, and prayers and thoughts with those people involved in the incident. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Schmeichel Stam Nesta Maldini Rijkaard Iniesta Zidane Maradona Messi Ronaldinho Ronaldo
  5. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derby-county-wycombe-middlesbrough-efl-6347739?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  6. We also have some backward, knuckle-dragging remedials too...
  7. To those people saying/implying 'Its only a joke' or 'He should learn to speak more fluently' or 'He should have thicker skin - its part of the job' etc.: Imagine if your son or daughter came home from school feeling upset that other kids had been taking the mick out of the way they speak for weeks upon weeks, even if they repeatedly said after 'Awww its just a joke, God!' You might feel a bit differently about it then...
  8. GK: Mike Pollitt CB: Steve Bould CB: Martin Keown CB: Claude Davis RM: Anthony Knockaert CM: Michael Brown CM: Ben Pearson CM: Lee Bowyer LM: Robert Snodgrass S: Billy Sharp S: Alan Lee Manager: Neil Warnock Assistant Manager: Steve Evans
  9. Yep. Scum-sucking pond life who are too emotionally backward to express their emotions in any other way other than acting up. Ban the ones that started it for life.
  10. Stone Island, CP Company, Hugo Boss and Armani: the new chav's choice of attire.
  11. The Honolulu Beach Party away at Norwich in the first season in the old Division 1 (now Championship), April 2001, was a right laugh! Lost 1-0 but noone gave a monkeys. Everyone was in great spirits and some hilarious inflatables flying around!!
  12. Fair point. And it isn't a fan blaming post. I know us long suffering fans have had nothing to do with this mess. What I was trying to say (poorly quite obviously) is that I think we can can be more vocal at home to try and lift the players. Christ, they need all the help they can get at present!
  13. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but our fanbase is becoming more and more toxic by the match, admitedly with some justification. Due to my job, I now have the misfortune of living on the outskirts of Derby and don't get to as many games as I used to. I've been to 3 this year at Hillsborough, and every time the away team fans have chanted 'Is this a library?' And they have been spot-on! There has been no atmosphere at all, nothing to help push and inspire the players at all. Hillsborough is quickly becoming a morgue. My father and bother-in-law are season ticket holders at Pride Park. For the record, I have to say, I cannot stand Derby. I can't stand the club and their corporate, adverts-plastered-everywhere ground, the players and most of all, their entitled, copycat fans. Recently however I was forced to eat a massive slice of humble pie: I recently went to the game at Pride Park when they lost 2-1 to Blackburn. In the first half, Derby were absolutely abysmal - totally outfought and outclassed. And yet, the Derby fans sang their hearts out and did so up until full time. You could see the players respond during the second half and they almost snatched a draw. Maybe we should try pushing our team at Hillsborough in a similar way, get behind our lads and we might end this awful record of not winning a game when we have fell behind.
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