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  1. I think anyone dismissing Derby will be in for a shock I feel. They will be in the automatics come the beginning of May.
  2. 1. Jacob Butterfield 2. Elias Kachunga 3. Joost Van Aken 4. Stephen Mcphail 5. Ash Baker
  3. K. Westwood L. Buxton S. Hutchinson M. Hector D. Pudil R. Wallace K. Lee B. Bannan F. Forestieri S Fletcher L. Gregory
  4. 1. Chris Waddle/John Sheridan (genuinely can't split them) 3. Paolo Di Canio
  5. Flint played 42 games last season.
  6. Just been released by Cardiff. Get. Him. In!!!
  7. Fantastic news. So pleased for him and his family.❤
  8. I didn't realise Pep was on here?! Wow! Get over yourself!
  9. Not a shock really is it - what a waster. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/ryan-lowe-tears-into-former-sheffield-wednesday-man-izzy-brown-as-time-at-preston-north-end-is-cut-short-3673672
  10. Some of our 'supporters' are an absolute joke. If this is the way people react when we lose, over a game of SPORT, then god help us. You can't educate pork...come to think of it, maybe Bramall Lane would be a better place for some of our moron 'fans'.
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