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  1. Yeah the 6 or so Oasis songs in a 12 song set. But hey don’t let facts get in the way This thread is both hilarious and bizarre in equal measure. Fully expect those criticising to have been furiously masturbating during the Jubilee weekend.
  2. If you don’t like it don’t watch it pal. Simple as. I was there and the first 40 minutes was ropey but my god he pulled it back at the end. I was with my best mates, a hipflask of good whisky and some exceptional vibes. Nothing better in the world. I don’t know who you are but you’re not great at trolling, at least not on the evidence of this thread. I’d give it up mate. But by all means moan about Kendrick Lamar later when in reality you’ve wasted an evening watching something you hate
  3. Lanzarote. Used to be luxury, now full of bitter old tw@ts
  4. I’m at Glastonbury now. Seen a lot of Wednesday shirts - more than any other team I’d say with the exception of Newcastle and the Sam Fender connection. as for the running, people can do what they like here. You can get mashed and listen to techno, or you can watch a film or do yoga to power ballads or - heaven forbid - go for a run! Good on him if he wants to. There are even showers so you don’t need to smell of sh*t all week. It’s a great, friendly atmosphere and everyone who can go should.
  5. It’s a concept home Sheffield kit for 2022-23, made by Libero
  6. Hate to be a pedant but the second stint of Wickham’s loan did turn out well… the third one was rubbish though
  7. I don’t know - Chansiri said he would be willing to listen to offers for players, and Exeter want Dawson, so could bring in a bother keeper still
  8. Think we’ll see a lot of Premiership prospects leave as I think they’ll have limits on how many players they can keep and loan out. With that in mind I’d love to see us get 2 or 3 young players in with good pedigree. FDB I think is going to be a beast next year for us - between him and Dennis we probably don’t need to replace Luongo straight away.
  9. Safe standing for part of the Kop, if not all of it. Wi-Fi in the stadium, perhaps. Hot water in the toilets too.
  10. I really want Gibson to stay. Think he’s due to be released, and left footed centre halves are like hens teeth. Could be a bargain. I think Berahino will stay, and he should. He’s shown glimpses of form this season, and in my opinion should have played tonight. Windass is a luxury player who doesn’t fit into the team and we should sell him if we can. if we did change formation then NML should be offered a contract too. In the cold light of day we have seen some of the best football this season that I can remember watching. The players enjoy working with Moore so some might be persuaded to stay and I think he can get a few decent loans in as well. We need to go for autos next season, though.
  11. Has to go. Luxury player that doesn’t fit a position in our team. He’s not a centre forward, not a centre mid and can’t play wingback.
  12. I have 40 points - looks like I’m sitting behind a post in the Lepp then! But most people with 20+ points should have a chance of going and if not plenty of cracking boozers to watch it in!
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