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  1. Look at the state of the club and the squad. Only 1 man to blame for the current mess we are in.
  2. If Iorfa finishes off the season in the same form as the last 2 games then he gets my vote.
  3. Yep well done Wednesday got this right for me
  4. Agreed. Although this is a good move by the Star, I like Joe's articles and think he'll do really well.
  5. Is this effectively Doom's replacement then?
  6. Pressman Nilsson Walker Pearson Worthington Waddle Sheridan Palmer Carbone Hirst Bright The star are just trying to appease both sets of fans. They'll inevitably put Deane up front with Hirst, but he scored 14 Premier League goals for them. Compared to Mark Bright's 48 for us.
  7. There’s not an once of leadership in this club from top to bottom.
  8. Nope. if I supported us only when we are good I’d have packed it in years ago.
  9. What the f was that formation all about? We'd lost the game before a ball was kicked. Players lost all belief in Monk. Harris 5 FF 4 Rest 2
  10. Desperately missing Fox to provide the balance with 4 at the back.
  11. Trevor Kettle week after knowing our luck...
  12. No idea if he’s any good. Get him up front Saturday, if he can run then he’s already better than what we’ve got.
  13. Good move for all concerned. Best of luck to him
  14. We are so soft. Players should have made a much bigger deal about this on the pitch. I’m sure most of our team want to be mates with every team we play.
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