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  1. KW/JW Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Lee Hutch Bannan Hooper Joao For me it's not about formations or to a certain extent individual players. It's all about mindset, the way we approach the game and the attitude towards attacking. Strip back everything go back to basics, 4-4-2 with pace up top, Hooper to link play and encourage full backs to get forward and overlap. If we press and play with urgency from the start the fans will be 100% behind the team. Work for each other and back a teammate up at all times, the fans will respond and a positive vibe will transmit from the away end. Start lethargic, nervous and timid and we all know there's only one way it's going to end...
  2. New Kit - Potential Release Clue

    Gone beyond caring tbh first I wanted to buy them to take away on holiday... then for beginning of season... then for sons bday last week.... now id like to get daughter one for her first game v Barnsley... In all honesty I'll not bother. So that's 200 odd quid lost by club from me. How many others feel same way.
  3. No one is going to run away with the league like Brighton, Newcastle did last year. We need to move quickly as this season is not lost....yet.
  4. It helps when he has Lee and Bannan available. He will always go with Bannan Jones/Hutch Lee Wallace at home. Bannan will tuck in from the left allowing Reach to get forward from LB which in turns frees Lee up to make the forward runs. They both feel comfortable knowing that Jones isn't going to be venturing much further forward than half way. Hooper dropping deep and linking play is crucial to us when going forward as Lee is usually the beneficiary of the space he creates when dropping deeper. Leeds played into our hands yesterday, but the movement off the ball, especially from Hooper and Lee caused them all sorts of problems.
  5. 3 flat lines in a 4-4-2? We play anything but a rigid 4-4-2
  6. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Anyone know if this is on ifollow, can't make it due to work.
  7. Carlos Press Conference LIVE NOW

    It's all well and good gobbing off to Giddings in a press conference, the proof will be tomorrow night and Sunday.
  8. Gary Hooper

    5 in 5 and possibly the only one to come out of today's shambles with any credit. Will get 20 goals this season providing he stays fit.
  9. Major disadvantage

    'Carlos got the tactics right' Absolute comedy gold right there. I'd hate to have seen it if he got the tactics wrong.
  10. Positives from today

    Hooper and Joao that's it. Oh and Brooks for national team in a year or two
  11. Team 4 Brentford

    Agree with the majority. Lee and Fletcher possibly rested for Saturday. Replaced by butterfield and Rhodes. Personel is secondary to how we approach the game. Start like we did yesterday and we'll be fine.
  12. Enjoyed following this yesterday Lee. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Just got back

    It was awesome, so glad to be there
  14. Great post fras, my exact feelings also