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  1. Personally I think it’s time to move on from the likes of Hooper & Lee. They contributed nothing the past 18 months and there is no guarantee they will get back to a 2016/17 level. Of course fantastic players for us in the past, but we really do need to move on. Bruce needs as much wiggle room as possible and letting players go who are out of contract will help with this. The only 2 i’d expect him to try and keep are Westwood and Palmer (as back up). The rest can go for me. Huge summer for us, Bruce knows what he is doing. I have upmost trust in him to get it right.
  2. I think our main issue is the forward options available to SB. But I agree if we are level with 15 mins to go chuck Hector up top or do something different to try and win the game.
  3. I don't think any sane Wednesday fan questioned his ability. It was the relentless chopping and changing combined with asking him to be a ball playing CH that affected his form. A solid partner in Hector plus Westwood and Hutch obviously helps. But, Lees is a very solid Championship CH who does the basics of defending extremely well. He is limited when he has time on the ball and sometimes struggles against a bigger, physical striker (Smith at Rotherham for example). However, Bruce quickly identified how to set us up defensively and Lees is a key component in that.
  4. Top 5 are set in stone. Bristol won’t finish 6th, completely up for grabs.
  5. Sorry mate, but the tactics in that semi final against Huddersfield were abysmal. Cracks were starting to appear in that second season and the poor recruitment was becoming more obvious. Bruce has to sort out the hefty, unbalanced squad that CC left behind and we've wasted 2 years and we are still suffering from the car crash of our recent recruitment policy.
  6. I thought Boyd and Palmer linked up very well today on the right. Let’s hope they both keep it up.
  7. Cheers, unfortunately got a prior engagement tomorrow night
  8. It'll be a shame to see him go as he's really developed into a top player at this level, but needs must.
  9. I'm glad they aren't enjoying the fitness work, looks like cardio session. If they were laughing and joking whilst doing fitness work I'd question its effectiveness!
  10. It was by far the worst experience I have ever had entering an away ground. Genuinely shocked at the shambles before the game. There was a huge risk of someone suffering serious injury, once in the ground everyone coming through the turnstiles were having a go at the coppers & stewards. Women and kids in tears and the police were just stood inside absolutely clueless. I'll be writing to the appropriate authorities as that cannot happen again.
  11. I don't get why you would pick Joao as a loan striker and leave Fletcher out.
  12. Whelan and Brunt weren't exactly fan favourites to begin with if I remember correctly
  13. As it stands this squad under its current leadership is facing a relegation battle. We currently have none of the qualities required to fight a relegation battle. We need to sell a couple of saleable assets in January and plug the massive holes in the squad. If that means selling Reach/FF/Bannan then needs must. I’m under no illusion as to the scale of our financial problems, but relegation is unthinkable.
  14. We’ll be in a lot more sh*t if we go down.
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