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  1. DesWalker

    Todays training...

    I'm glad they aren't enjoying the fitness work, looks like cardio session. If they were laughing and joking whilst doing fitness work I'd question its effectiveness!
  2. DesWalker


    It was by far the worst experience I have ever had entering an away ground. Genuinely shocked at the shambles before the game. There was a huge risk of someone suffering serious injury, once in the ground everyone coming through the turnstiles were having a go at the coppers & stewards. Women and kids in tears and the police were just stood inside absolutely clueless. I'll be writing to the appropriate authorities as that cannot happen again.
  3. DesWalker

    Team for Blades

    I don't get why you would pick Joao as a loan striker and leave Fletcher out.
  4. DesWalker

    Can Anyone think of Any?

    Whelan and Brunt weren't exactly fan favourites to begin with if I remember correctly
  5. DesWalker

    Robert Huth

    As it stands this squad under its current leadership is facing a relegation battle. We currently have none of the qualities required to fight a relegation battle. We need to sell a couple of saleable assets in January and plug the massive holes in the squad. If that means selling Reach/FF/Bannan then needs must. I’m under no illusion as to the scale of our financial problems, but relegation is unthinkable.
  6. DesWalker

    Robert Huth

    We’ll be in a lot more sh*t if we go down.
  7. DesWalker

    Robert Huth

    Exactly what we need. Experience and leadership at the back. Currently a free agent.
  8. DesWalker

    Keiren Westwood

    It would be interesting to see what would happen if Dawson or Wildsmith got injured. Would Jos be 'allowed' to use Westwood, or have him on the bench if he is indeed genuinely 3rd choice???
  9. Some very good posts in this thread. It appears DC has changed tact and Jos has confirmed this in an interview a few weeks or so ago when Gary Cahill was mentioned. I'm sure he said we'd only be looking at players in a certain age group and it wasn't 30+ looking for their last decent contract.... The fanbase really has to accept this and have patience. If we've a shot of top 6 in January I can't see DC letting Reach go unless the offer is astronomical. His is approach would probably be lets see where we end up this year and I'll let you leave in summer. Great opportunity to clear the decks in the summer and reinvest those wages in young, hungry players.
  10. DesWalker

    We need Westwood back

    Maybe a misinterpretation of what I meant by footballing. Agree to disagree. A fit KW should be our number 1 in my opinion. He may not be the long term future. But he sure is the best goalkeeper at the club.
  11. DesWalker

    We need Westwood back

    Dawson doesn’t have the experience Westwood has. To be honest I can’t believe this discussion. A choice between Westwood or Dawson based purely on footballing ability????
  12. DesWalker

    Sell Reach?

    I think it’s inevitable given the financial situation.
  13. DesWalker

    We need Westwood back

    His communication wouldn’t go amiss right now
  14. DesWalker

    We need Westwood back

    I don’t think it’s jos call. If is then his eyes must be painted on. A young defensive line lacking leadership and a young keeper isn’t a great combination.
  15. DesWalker

    Credit to Reach's fair play

    I think it was more the case of keeping hold of the ball. The last thing we needed was for him to rush a throw to someone under pressure, lose the ball and they go down the other end and score. Bearing in mind what happened Wednesday night against West Brom I reckon all was thinking about was wasting time and keeping the ball in the corner. He probably is a nice guy though as well :-)