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  1. Face value £18.67, 2 tickets available. PM for details cheers
  2. DesWalker

    Marco Matias

    The cynic in me isn't surprised given his contract is up this summer.... However, him putting 100% in and working hard for team can only benefit us
  3. DesWalker


    He's obviously not 100%, looked like he was carrying a knock. As for him not warming up at ht, I'd imagine as he would most likely have been the first player off the bench he may have been told to sit in on the ht teamtalk...
  4. DesWalker


    Always puts 100% in. Typified when Millwall broke towards the end of the 1st half and had a 3v1 he sprinted 70 odd yard to get back. Just needs a goal to kick start him
  5. DesWalker

    Penney / Preston

    Penney got caught out of position a couple of times but that should hopefully come with coaching and experience. How refreshing is it to see a LB who’s comfortable on the ball, gets stuck in and provides an option going forward. After we went 1 up they all settled down and played with more confidence. The crowd need to help them out early doors.
  6. DesWalker


    He’s got something about him that’s for sure. Jos needs to let him and lees form a partnership as we are very limited with options at the moment.
  7. DesWalker

    Man Of The Match

  8. DesWalker

    Cameron Carter-Vickers

    Would he address the experience and leadership we are so obviously missing at the back... I can't see much in this tbh
  9. DesWalker


    I reckon this is causing some unrest in the team. Seeing a teammate who is argueably the best player in the division for his position being frozen out isn’t going to go down well with the senior pros. Bannan looks totally f*ucked off.
  10. I think after Thorniley's performance coming on for Fox on Saturday we'll see him start at LWB on Sunday. Baker on the right, but at Brentford it'll be more of a 5-3-2
  11. I like Alan, met him a few times at home games. Always rational in his opinion and comes across as a good bloke.
  12. DesWalker

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Well done DC for listening to the fans feedback on Monday. Obviously got it wrong to start with, but nice to see he's listened and responded in the right manner.
  13. DesWalker

    Team v Hull

    Absolutely spot on this
  14. DesWalker

    Swansea want Forestieri

    That is thoroughly depressing