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  1. Purely from the point of view of their second goal.. We had Flint, Van Aken & Paterson picking up their 3 big lads from the back(Dalsgaard, Jansson & Pinnock) after that its a bit of a lottery who our next best header of the ball his. Whoever we put on Toney it was going to be a mismatch, Brentford exploited this as we went man for man.
  2. You appear to be a very lonely voice of reason on here....
  3. I think there may have be a bit of forward planning here. From what I've read Dunkley fits into the middle of a back three. Currently, we have Tom Lees playing there (injury aside) very well. With Lees' contract up Summer 21 and him turning 30 next month it is highly unlikely we'll be able to match his current contract and to be fair to Lees he'll want to maximise his earnings whilst he can. Therefore, Dunkley gets up to speed in the next month or so and adds to the squad depth with a view of replacing Lees next summer. Given his injury and patience required you'd
  4. Looking at the wages on the same site for the pigs players, I wouldn't trust anything on it. I know for a fact 5 of the pigs figures are wrong and by quite a bit.
  5. We might have/are chasing him, but the signing of Paterson suggests we haven't put all our eggs in one basket and have other targets.
  6. Luongo is a very solid Championship midfielder. One of the first names on the team sheet for me. Huge concern if he gets injured, our options to replace him in the starting XI are very poor by comparison.
  7. Have we? From the transfers in this window it would suggest we have seriously reduced the level of wages on offer. I'm not privy to what our new signings earns a week, but I'd be very surprised if any of them are on over £20k a week. It appears Monk and the recruitment team are working within very specific parameters whilst trying to reduce the average age of the squad, change the attitude within the club and get results on the pitch from day one. If we can get a couple more signings in I think this has been the best transfer window for a long time.
  8. Disagree, I thought after lockdown he was our best player in the RWB role. He worked hard on the defensive side of this position as well. If we are playing 3-5-2 then we need big contributions from wing backs.
  9. The issue isn't paying the £3m - Its how that would impact our P&S accounts. If we signed him on a 4 year deal we would amortise 750k a year. Its the impact this would have along with his wages that would be the stumbling block.
  10. Not sure if this is serious, but my Huddersfield supporting mates said that he works hard for the team, has a good attitude but should score more. He struggled in Prem and the 4 different managers in short space of time didn't help him.
  11. His signing will have to be put in context once transfer window shut. If he's our number 9 starting every game then its a poor signing. If he's an option as second striker/wide forward on a free with sensible wages then its a great bit of business.
  12. Signed heads of terms in August when it had to be done by 31st July being the main issue.... Having already declared in May that's what we were going to do.
  13. What a complete shambles. Reading that gives me zero confidence in anyone running a) our club and b) the EFL The fact that we managed to find a loophole to dodge P&S sanctions AND STILL MANAGED TO F IT UP is beyond scary. EFL aren't fit for purpose either, thoroughly depressing.
  14. On a free he’s not the worst option. I think his signing would need to be judged after the transfer window is closed. If we are viewing him as our number 1 or 2 striker then it’ll be disappointing. If he’s a 4th choice option off the bench or out wide then it’s a smart move on a free.
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