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  1. Got some going Friday 11.37 returning Sunday 10.30 if they are any good pal?
  2. Jordan Storey First game was Ipswich at home. We've won 8/10 since he made his debut.
  3. Wait, nobody seriously thinks this was Dooley's idea? Just like the North Stand, it's got Chansiri written all over it.
  4. It's absolutely mental isn't it. Just when you think they are starting to make small step they do something like this. DC will have just railroaded this through, there's no way anyone with an ounce of sense would say this is a good idea. We were desperate for change in how the club was being run and whilst DC was away, it appeared Dooley was making some decent small steps forward. Then DC over and bang, all that work undone.
  5. This has to be the earliest we've ever sold Season Tickets. Effectively 9 months before the 2022/23 Season kicks off! The well has truly run dry...
  6. Thought he was ‘ok’ first half. 2nd half lot more composed on the ball and really grew in stature. He’s taking his opportunity with both hands, got to be looking at a 2 year deal. Hopefully we can get it sorted sharpish.
  7. The chanting was in bad taste but other than his goal I thought Shodipo was poor. corbeneau wasn’t much better when he came on. mendez-Laing however looked a real threat.
  8. This. I was Sat just in front to the left. Whole episode was embarrassing
  9. Will hopefully offer more on the right than Hunt has been doing
  10. BPF Palmer Brennan Dunkley Brown FDB Luongo Bannan Corbenau Patterson Kamberi
  11. It never quite felt settled under Monk. He came in on his own and took a while to bring in his own coaching staff, they then didn't last long together. The fact that DC thought we should be challenging for the playoffs despite all the issues HE had caused is completely delusional. Would Monk have kept us up? Who knows given the conditions caused by the chairman (points deduction, unrealistic expectations, not paying players). One thing is certain though, throughout all these managers there has been only one constant...and the only direction we've gone as a club is downwards. BTW must say Alex Miller's articles for The Star are very good.
  12. Just what we need for what is sure to be a battle against Cheltenham on Saturday...Palmer and Johnson at CB.
  13. I voted In...just. Hoping the penny drops very quickly, but fear he is too stubborn and will persist with playing it out from the back - which will be his undoing. We need to see some progress, that he is learning. His post match interviews are concerning, its like he's watching a different game to the vast majority of fans. Tired of hearing the 'put a week of training in, take the positives etc...' Then the following Saturday we look like 11 strangers with no clue what we are doing attacking wise.
  14. Makes sense, providing we don’t stick him out on the wing
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