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  1. Hi Mark, it didn't escape my notice that we drew the game, although I'm not sure how much solace we can take from that. Without wanting to recap that awful night, we didn't win the game because we were dead on our feet in the last 25 minutes. If we had shored up our left hand side that would have created space elsewhere. I'm pleased you agree with me on Adam Reach.
  2. Sorry but that's a load of bull. Reach is being honest with the fans. We know the team under performed and weren't at the races from Preston Away onwards that was obvious for anyone to see. Yes we suffered injuries, but Reach is right in what he is saying and I'd say there was an element of that attitude towards the back end of Carlos' second year. We hit a good run of form, got a draw at Huddersfield and thought it was job done. We were outworked in the 2nd leg by a much fitter, more hungry team. The writing was on the wall going into CC's 3rd season. The players should take some responsibility, however attitude reflects leadership and I don't think there was much going into last season. Let's hope he is right and Jos is creating an environment where the player in form will play - regardless of cost, reputation or age. As for Reach being mentally weak, he was the clubs record signing at the time who struggled to find his feet when he first signed. He was played in a number of positions and never got a good run in the team in a settled role. He was slated by some fans and many questions were asked about the fee we paid. He showed a great attitude and worked hard through the dark times last year when everyone was dropping like flies. Responded by being our player of the season and carrying a lot of pressure the team was under late December into January and February. To call him mentally weak is quite frankly absurd.
  3. DesWalker

    3-4-3 or 3-5-2

    Agree, but I think he's our best option at RWB as it currently stands. IMO I think Jos will look to strengthen here, regardless of what he has said in the press recently.
  4. DesWalker

    3-4-3 or 3-5-2

    Westwood Hutchinson Lees Pudil Boyd Reach Pelupessy Bannan Joao FF Nuhiu
  5. Wouldn't surprise me to see Boyd and RWB and Reach at LWB on August 4th.
  6. DesWalker

    Why the negativity

    I'm sensing the opposite...a quiet air of positivity. The club know which players are vital to success on the pitch and hopefully DC has ring fenced them. It looks like Rhodes is going on loan for the year which you'd like to assume is a positive financially. Free up a bit more space wages wise and look to bring in a few shrewd signings. If our key players stay fit, coupled with some pace and athleticism from smart loan signings and we shouldn't be too far away from top six. Start the season well, build the momentum and who knows....
  7. Paramount we offer him a new deal. Hopefully the club are working on this behind the scenes.
  8. Could a fit Boyd who is played solely at RWB without chopping and changing his position be the answer? Has the engine and experience in the league, chipped in with a couple of goals last year as well. I'm not sure, interested to see opinion on this
  9. Good move imo. He picked up a fair few niggly injuries last season and was unreliable. In a 3-5-2 wing backs are a critical position. I can see a loan for a prem squad player or a pelupessy type signing. Pretty obvious Jos wants a fit and physically stronger squad to cope with the demands of the championship. An injury prone Hunt doesn’t fit his criteria.
  10. DesWalker

    Adam Reach last season

    Reyt player
  11. DesWalker

    Question re Owls In The Park

    Completely agree Neil. I was there with my family, but would happily have spent 5/10 mins finding out more about the corporate hospitality side of things for the business I work for. We've done plenty of exec boxes, packages etc....none at S6 though.
  12. RWB to start with Hunt as back up LWB to provide back up to Reach CB(R) - The type we need would be pricey - I'd most likely look abroad for someone in the Schindler mould CM - Strong, aggressive, athletic type to battle it out with Pelupessy Forward - Most likely prem loan, pacey and direct to provide a different option to all the other strikers we've got We don't need much, bit of pace and athleticism to freshen things up as the team below if fit would go pretty close IMO Westwood Hutch Lees Pudil Hunt Pelupessy Bannan Reach Joao Hooper FF
  13. DesWalker

    When the f###

    Mid table? That’s optimistic. If we don’t sign anyone in the next 4 hours it’s relegation as far as I’m concerned.
  14. DesWalker

    Sunderland now Thursday game

    fewmin if brentford gets moved to Sunday
  15. DesWalker

    Andy rhodes

    He's done a fantastic job over the past 8 years. Now if we sell Westwood and Rhodes has gone, it could be a big risk having a new gk coach with 2 young keepers. Might want to think carefully about selling Westwood if that is on the cards. Weaver to step up would provide a bit on continuity, KP knows the club and worked at Championship level for years.