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  1. They get it spot on with regards to professionalism and tone. Never get involved in 'banter' or subjective stuff. The more recent videos and clips are a significant improvement. Always helps when performances and results are going well on the pitch.
  2. Very encouraging start, but 2 defeats against Hull and Wigan and our fans will soon change their tune. He's probably delighted with the start he's had, especially the result today.
  3. In previous seasons missing Tom Lees would have had a serious impact on the team. Think it was Stoke away few years ago and our form dipped after he did his hamstring in that game. Great to see others step in and take their opportunity. Like any good squad, he'll have to impress in training and wait for his opportunity to get back in the side. Then the pressure is on to stay in the starting 11.
  4. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Hutchinson Luongo Bannan Reach Harris Fletcher Some odd selections so far in this thread, experimenting with 3 at the back in a Championship game.... If Lees isn't fit Iorfa to CB and Odubajo at RB.
  5. Hutchinson will play the role he's told to, which is evident from this interview. We saw under Bruce he can push further forward and play as a genuine CM not just defensive.
  6. Biggest issue with 3-5-2 is where does Harris play?
  7. At least we aren't seeing suggestions for playing him at Left Back
  8. Are you oblivious to the fact we had to sell our ground to get out off FFP this year? Or that the majority of fans wanted to see a change in transfer policy? Honestly it's mind blowing sometimes.
  9. Absolutely spot on. The trouble in March with the pig game was caused by SYP. Blocking LL with double parked coaches, police vans etc made no sense. Made the exit away from the ground far more congested added to the fact they failed to hold the pigs back just compounded the issue. I'd understand if they put this into place just for games against pigs and maybe Leeds, but Barnsley, Luton and QPR...come off it.
  10. I think we can read a bit too much into this type of stuff. For me it is all about mindset and how we approach games. The attitude has changed, we are on the front foot, runners into the box etc. The whole ethos is a stark contrast to where we were 12 months ago. We will create more chances if we continue with this positive attitude. It's early days, but 5 goals in 2 games is a great start. Tempo, positive attitude and mindset has set the tone. Winning breeds confidence keep this up and goals will come from all over the pitch.
  11. Chansiri in gold looks minimal and doesn't spoil the kit at all. Much better than that betting company for the Espanyol game, glad that was a one off.
  12. We got him on a free. Still trying to figure this out. He cost us £0
  13. He didn’t want us 3 week ago. I don’t want him now. He can have his prem job at some crap club in November.
  14. Do a marathon to get in North Stand
  15. This is above and beyond previous incompetence shown. If Vere Road etc are closed off the only way for supporters heading from leppings lane to access the North stand is under the South and then along Penistone Road, or down Leppings Lane to Law Bros then back along Penistone Road??? This will cause far more trouble, they've really not thought this through. As mentioned above this is a complete stitch up
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