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  1. Awful to watch. Can't judge the result as its too early. Charlton could be poor or could be the league one 2014 Germany. Who knows... I don't think we will see attractive football though.
  2. Adenrian if anything should be called out not slaughtered. A gust of wind and he's swimming in the Thames the way rolls about. Green done nothing right today but nothing wrong either. Think he just needs a confidence boost
  3. Nothing promising. I'm one who was happy with the new signings but today weve spent more time on the floor. Hense the 8 minutes. It's embarrassing. Constantly hoofball from both teams then losing possession in the final third.
  4. I liked the look of our team on paper. This match as been shocking. We are centre of it. Our lads have spent more time on the floor than a rich man's copper tub. Its embarrassing. In to them ffs
  5. Sorry for being staunch that was poo. Surely to god that wasn't huddersfields first team either for this season haha
  6. I am chilled. Just taking the p1ss haha. On the other hand I would probably take some of their young ones. They seem a solid set up. Hopefully we can do the same. Just after be patient
  7. Should be beating teams like barnsley especially when they didn't even have anywhere near their strongest line up from the start
  8. Our team alot stronger on paper to what they have put out. Friendly or not let's win haha
  9. Terrible horrendous song. If the band play them they want banning from all football matches immediately
  10. Good job forrest and christie and that eduard didn't start be a cricket score
  11. Wasn't we linked with kluivert and ended up with Kim olsen in the same window
  12. Pressman Geary Bougherra Lees Pudil JJ whelan Bannan Brunt Sibon Forestieri I liked likes of Lee and spurr and love Buxton but just judging on their day...
  13. Only good news for me is... A. Chansiri pays what we owe and then f1cks off. B. Chansiri f1cks off.
  14. If he leaves on a free now after all this I'm gonna chin my other half and volley are young one straight between chansiris goggles
  15. Good player. Could of been better than he as been but I think he had a bit of an attitude didn't he? If we still haven't paid him, I would take 1mil as it is better than fk all.
  16. So around 30.000 as someone previously reported. Its not that bad. Most football clubs lose that kind of sum down the fax machine
  17. Hes only got a splodge of it on. Maybe if or when he gets paid he will buy able to colour the rest in
  18. Didn't that German guy get sack and end up in Scotland the man they actually highly rated
  19. Gonna keep an eye out for them. Might even choose them on football manager albeit if they are on it
  20. Haha the money they've made from managers and players over the years they must have a few bob spare to pay for our refunds too...
  21. Or even worse leeds. We will never hear the end of it
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