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  1. how dare Wednesday lower their standards to every other team in the league.
  2. Patterson was free in the middle of the box on at least 2 occasions but player in possession chose to shoot , He may have missed but did make the space.
  3. Cadamateri must be involved, we are so low in attacking options he has to be given a go
  4. Happy with the points but terrible performance and tactics. Midfield non existent .Lack of any penetration and once again substitutions? Stockdale MoM
  5. Thought 1st hour he was ok then he remembered where he was and reverted to the EFL manual of refereeing Sheffield Wednesday
  6. Iorfa lost his man for 2 of the goals, hadnt a clue where his man was. Heneghan best of the 3 C/H.
  7. Great PR by the club once again. Would it really hurt the club to discount the ticket against what he is owed.
  8. Balance of the squad seems midfield heavy. Windass doesn't fit in 3-5-2 . Gregory and Smith up top with no speed to supply looks a bit worrying Hope DM has the answers
  9. Architect of his own demise is my recollection of his time with us. Had the talent but not the desire to succeed
  10. I Hate Sky!. Not a bank holiday for me or a lot of others now
  11. I know you werent .. I just found that when the advertising boards changed my eyes were drawn to them . Love the casts mate keep them up.
  12. The old lights were so poor the advertising boards over powered them. Not easy to watch game due to it.
  13. i would try to forget any association with the scum. What he does here is all that counts
  14. Frees up some wages for Dean hopefully
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