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  1. Bit of afters , nice to see all backing each other up. Just hope no suspensions
  2. Team selection is not one of Moores strong points i guess
  3. I have never wanted Wednesday to loose. Have been as frustrated as the next fan when things dont go as we expect but during Chansiris tenure i cant blame the manager fully..
  4. I smell bull, might have wings but could be a red herring
  5. 2015 Lewis Baker Chelsea. Recalled for lack of game time, Gobby Agbonlahor 2005 striker played as a winger , Theo lack of game time and out of position off the top of the head
  6. Would like to think we are in there. But reality is we have no chance with our record of ruining good prospects
  7. And should have been barred from any involvement with football after Boston Utd
  8. theres a player in there , just not sure Moore can get it out
  9. just what has roly poly actually achieved
  10. Not much of a choice is it really. 3 have stuffed the club the other 1 hasnt had chance
  11. never known a transfer rumour thread with out rumours, sign of the times
  12. no game time and played out of position, is it any wonder they have told him he would be better elswhere. More worrying its not the first time we have done it with premier loanees
  13. Obviously doesnt read Owlstalk or listen to fans at games then if he thinks were happy.
  14. looked a good prospect then went the way most of our academy go. Poor development by the club or found his level? We just cant bring the talent through to first team level fo some reason.
  15. would you really want more games with this group of players?
  16. Think we know where we are with the loan players only 2 worth trying to keep.
  17. Once again feel unwilling to vote for any of the so called players.
  18. more of a worry that our manager knows their names and still picks them
  19. Absolutely no idea what we should.do Sack him were in usual position for transfer window. Back him and more of this same crap.
  20. Needed saying. . Wonder what the rest of the squad think?
  21. Good luck Josh. Could have ,would have ,should have as they say
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