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  1. i would try to forget any association with the scum. What he does here is all that counts
  2. Frees up some wages for Dean hopefully
  3. I bow to your superior knowledge. I should have said ex international- 8x 1st division winner- 2x Fa cup winner- 4x League cup winner- 6x Charity Shield winner - FL Super cup winner - 3x European cup winner - UEFA Super cup winner Yes didnt have his coaching badges though
  4. Jos completely stuffed him and he never recovered. He did the same with Dawson making him No1 when he wasnt ready
  5. Looked a prospect early on then got completly lost . Similar to Sow
  6. If they are fit and athletic enough age is secondary.
  7. Yes he really wants to sign for his boy hood club. Always been his dream
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