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  1. 8 hours ago, mozzy85 said:

    My favourite game ever along with part 2. Did you finish it?

    Top notch, almost as good as last of us for me. Gameplay is better but story huts harder in last of us. 


    Yeah finished it a while ago, moved on to FF7 now.

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  2. On 29/05/2022 at 07:56, Sambo89 said:

    Son I'm 30, I only went with your mother cos she's dirty. (Happy Mondays)


    All your friends are cünts, your mother was a ball point pen thief… (Mcclusky) 


    Oh what an ordinary day, Take out the garbage, mas turbate. (St Vincent)


    And one of my favourite lines, although not an opener.


    Strap on Sally, chased us down the alley, we feared for our behinds. (Seahorses)

    She was a rum old slapper and we all ways tried to get her pants off when she phoned, lol. 

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