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  1. Blunt fans were taking the pi55 that their team had a training camp in Spain while ours were in Wales, looks like that's backfired. Apparently 2 of their team were left in Spain and the rest may have to self isolate, classic.
  2. I generally only watch if Caroline Hawley is on, don't know why.
  3. I can't think of a save their keeper had to make in the whole match, we just couldn't get to grips in the 2nd half. I'm not a fan of these stuttered run ups for penalties, if the keeper guesses right they are easier to save, if you leather em and the keeper guesses right there's a greater chance of it still going in. Feel sorry for young Saka taking the pressure penalty.
  4. That would cost a Bob or two on a shirt.
  5. The vultures are circling, surely we have more pull than Ipswich?
  6. I bet the 3 clubs relegated from the Premier league are rubbing their hands, parachute payments to spend and half the championship potentially embargoed or worse.
  7. What Barnsley fans seem to forget is they were only in the championship last season due to Wigan getting a points deduction,otherwise they'd have slumped into the 1st division. Wonder if they'll be as good this coming season without their inspirational manager?
  8. I've never known a situation like it, our chairman has not managed to get anything right. Are we actually going to have a team to start the new season?
  9. Can't see tonight's game living up to the 2 games played yesterday.
  10. In the words of Edmund Blackadder, "the phrase I'm looking for rhymes with Clucking Bell"
  11. I think we could have quite possibly stayed up with him in the side, only needed 1 win after all.
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