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  1. RIP Good bloke Greavsie. I remember him playing for West Ham. @1970 and having a good laugh with the Derby fans in the Ozzo End. he also raved about the Derby team that stuffed Spurs 5-0 the year before. Its rare that you get that sort of sportsmanship and mutual respect now. when I finally caught up with videos of him in his prime you could see he was a superb striker. Great balance and speed. Dare I say it he looked even better than Kevin Hector, but you’ll never get me to admit that. he was very hurt by being left out of the 66 World Cup winning team. I think Alf should have picked him. Not sure if they had subs then, but he would have made a great team even better. After he finished playing he ended up an alcoholic just like cloughie, george best and Gazza, but he battled back and deserves great credit for being so honest. a true great both on and off the pitch.
  2. I’d happily swap with Wycombe now. It just prolongs the agony and is unfair on the players.
  3. agreed but I know that plenty of Derby fans were looking at Wednesday and Birmingham with plenty of empathy, concern, sympathy whatever. We certainly were not gloating at your points deduction. I argued that it was wrong. the fact that some fans breathed a sigh of relief after a 3-3 draw is understandable. I personally wasn’t bothered if we lost. As I said at the time, we had bigger problems to worry about. And here they are. Our problems were totally self-inflicted by one man. We understand that. I wouldn’t even blame Middlesbrough and Gibson or the EFL. I think he had a valid point. the EFL need to think about the impact of ffp, and the challenges facing championship clubs. I hope they also examine their own conduct. They should have challenged our accounting practices at the time. Not years later when forced to act belatedly. Our dubious amortisation calculation method was not a secret. Well documented by Swiss ramble at the time. Similarly I had no problem with Derby being forced to justify the stadium value. The EFL seemed to forget that they had apparently approved it at the time. My objection is that selling the stadium should not be allowed anyway. How can that be good? Does that not already indicate that the owner is unfit and that the club is suffering? The is surely the very thing that ffp should be there to prevent. Whichever club lost the Derby-Villa play off final was going to get shafted, and the winner was going to reap rich rewards. This is the mess that football has become. One crap team selection by Frank later….. We didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes. Only a month before that play off final, Mel Morris and Stephen Pearce claimed that we were compliant and ok with regards to ffp. They concealed the fact that the ground had been sold. They took risks with EFL approval which was totally incompetent and negligent. Hopefully now we can begin the clean up operation.
  4. He was one the useless tvats taking millions out of the club, when it was blatantly apparent that he was a fat wheezing lump who was finished. he should have held his hand up. Admitted he was finished and retired. instead he undermined Cocu to get his job.
  5. Oh well. we’ve finally gone over the edge of the precipice. What can I say? shafted by a total egotist / con man. best scenario: massive points deduction incoming. relegation transfer ban for two years. all the bright young players leaving on the cheap. rooney hopefully walks along with the jibbering-idiot Rosenior. worst case - liquidation.
  6. We’ve been here before. But what i struggle with is how quickly we’ve ended up in this big a mess. Before Mel we were debt free, 3rd in the league, we owned our stadium , and we had Will Hughes. we were losing £7m per annum, which the owners wrote off. for a championship club, that was pretty good, but it’s hardly sustainable long term. the championship is an unhealthy financial place to be.
  7. He’s not telling but the fact that he is taking out loans secured on the stadium (no longer owned by the club) and the training ground, it would suggest he has run out of cash / liquid assets. I suspect that the pandemic loss of income is a big factor.
  8. I reckon we owe Morris over £100m in loans - but he’s unlikely to see much if any of that back we are rumoured to owe Cocu and co £8m, and keogh 2m the HMRC debt - speculated to be £20m the debts to the money lenders - Henry gabay 15m? And Dell - another 15m? these may be MM debts rather than dcfc debts I’ve just picked that up from reading various articles, so the figures can’t be substantiated, but it often stated that buyers are put off by £60m of debts (which would exclude the loans from MM).
  9. The five charges are a bit daft as three of them are effectively the same thing - non-submission of accounts - but the EFL know that the accounts cannot be officially lodged until unofficially agreed by all parties first, and the unofficial accounts must have been submitted. It was noted by the disciplinary committee that Derby submitted the alternative accounts then, and how else could the EFL determine that 9 points was appropriate penalty? it could be argued that the debts are an unrelated, more modern problem arising out of the pandemic, - the loss of revenue, and the owner running out of cash. I think a lot of clubs will soon be demonstrating similar financial problems arising from lockdown. The transfer debt is now paid. Just all the other debts to worry about now.
  10. I’m not sure ours is switched on. But he’d like to think he is.
  11. From a distance - and with a peg on my nose - it seems as if the Forest owner wants to dictate transfers, therefore undermining the authority of the manager, a lot of their signings look very very ordinary. ultimately their fate is the same as any club stuck in the championship for too long. they struggle to fund a rebuild and comply with ffp even though they can legally cheat by doing a Watford and bringing in kasami, bouchalakis, ansarifard, tachtsidis, kapino, Guerrero, Cafu, and Drager - all from Olympiakos. must just be a coincidence? Surely?
  12. the EFL should be embarrassed by their own conduct
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