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  1. the claims are utter borrocks. As if we didn’t have enough problems to sort without this crap. They are both claiming as debtors under the administration process. Neither have a contractual claim and neither have each taken legal action, never mind winning a legal claim. Hurry up and get your claims in as due to the utter incompetence of the administrators it looks like all the players will be getting sold off. 30k for Shinnie. You missed out there.
  2. I’ve taken my eyes off you guys, and I’m a bit surprised to see what results you’ve been getting. today’s game will be interesting. are Plymouth still as good as they were? A win is vital if you are to keep your hopes alive. I wish you the best of luck.
  3. Nah. leave all that unbridled joy on the playing fields. Scoring a great goal is nothing. what matters now is points deductions, clubs suing clubs, lovely accounts submitted on time, running an academy and then letting Liverpool and Man City just take your best prospects. Enjoy the thrill of seeing Millwall underbid for your players and then watch them complain to the EFL to take action when the bids are rejected. this is great. This is modern football. If only we could replicate this at schoolboy level . Get schools to pinch each other’s pupils. Get Ofsted to send some schools into oblivion for having sold off a playing field or a school house. It’s important that the league pyramid should exist just to maintain the clubs at the top, and that amongst ourselves we squabble as if our roles are in any way significant. p.s. why aren’t you suing is. You’re missing a trick.
  4. the Watney cup final is available on line. It’s a fantastic game. Great saves by Les Green but Derby tearing Man Utd to ribbons. we had a fantastic team built almost entirely by Clough and Taylor. 100% credit to them. there are lots of stories of Cloughy reminiscing about those days, and he is on record as rating his Derby team as better than his Forest teams. I do enjoy reminding them of that. I would have agreed with you at time, that the club scored the greatest own goal in its history. Having read the book about what happened at Brighton, and then the events at Leeds, I’ve come to conclude that brian was unmanageable and hellbent on self-destruction. He was drinking to excess even then. He was impulsive and lacked any self control. We imagined years of success but it might have all been brought crashing down. Unfortunately We’ll never know. But they were great days.
  5. derby didn’t sack Brian Clough. He walked out and resigned due to spats with the chairman. he tried to undo it but it was too late. another one where our chairman knew better than the fans.
  6. i agree. The minimum total debt is about £70m. Kirchner offered £60m which implies the HMRC would need to agree a reduction. I reckon Morris is also holding out and demanding something for the stadium. He had clearly angered kirchner. at least the team are showing tremendous fight.
  7. I thought it was a great game! our youngsters continue to give everyone hope. Jason Knight was superb, and now - with Liam Thompson - we have another one rolling off the production line I think that’s 8 now. Farcical nonsense with goalkicks keeps costing us goals but the team have been great in the last two games. We’ll probably get stuffed by Fulham next, but we are at least giving it a go against all the odds.
  8. It is shock to see both Chesterfield and Notts County in non-league. I guess they’ve had it worse.
  9. Ok. Well then you missed the 75 championship win under Dave Mackay and 18 glorious months of Charlie George.
  10. that was a combination of bonnet-shagger and the poisonous dwarf Nigel Clough came after. we’ve had three decent seasons in the last 13 one season each from George burley, steve mcclaren, and Frank. everything else has been
  11. If anyone can understand the logic of these punishments, please do explain. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59320479
  12. After all that the total overspend to 2019 was just £8.5m thats less than one Bradley Johnson and a Nick Blackman. I’m not defending it, just trying to get my head around it.
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