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  1. Relegation, administration, a lacklustre season, declining morale.... take your pick - things can always be worse, especially following Wednesday! I share some of your qualms on tactics btw, but on the whole we are in a decent position to challenge for the title next year.
  2. It's only so he can talk to Barry eye to eye. Sh!thousery aside, love the guy. Even during the first half of last season I didn't want us to do the Wednesday thing and fire him at the first sign of trouble, by the end of the season all was forgiven. A shame we didn't get over the line but things coud have been far, far worse and he deserves a lot of the credit for that. For a team at our level he is exactly what we need.
  3. I agree with the fact that the game has changed and we couldn't have got a "Hirst" in the same manner as we did then. However, I still think we will see great footballers at Hillsborough but we need to at least get back into the Champoinship and establish ourselves as contenders, regain the ground we lost since 2016. Once that happens the OP's "We can't" becomes "Maybe, just maybe we could, possibly" tl:dr; Keep the faith, you never know....
  4. I hate booing. I understand it sometimes, games aren't cheap and football in general can be infuriating. But I always resist because what's the point of demoralising the players?
  5. Came here to say this, either Bannan's a superb actor or he genuinely cares about the club. If he wants to have Old Firm banter or go on holiday then, well, good for him. What is he meant to do? Wear black and cry until August?
  6. Missus is putting the lad to bed, early shower, beer cracked, Sky on. LET'S DO THIS! COME ON WEDNESDAY! Love to Big Snoots for the thread. Let's have it lads & lasses! UTO!!!
  7. I saw this from the Kop end and wondered what it was. I thought beer at first but it was defo some sort of powder from the way it hung in the air.
  8. He was well enough to do a lap round the pitch with his daughter afterwards, no visible limp. I think he just overdid it doing a pitch long run, he ran most of the pitch with the ball and went down. Fingers crossed he will be fine.
  9. FWIW I think Bannan will be fine. Reckon he probably gt cramp and made a meal of it so the lads could get a drink. All this "We'll check how he is in the next 48 hours" is just caution on the clubs part.
  10. @DoesJackHunt The context point is arguable. I don't do inflatables full stop. Don't assume I haven't been in this thread from the start. People are trivialising your point because, to them, it is trivial. As are "likes". You are calling people pr!cks for a reason. It goes beyond "better choices". Pure sophistry to suggest otherwise. I'm still sure you are a nice bloke at heart, with a decent character. I think you've gone overboard and most of the pushback comes from there. I can only speak for myself of course, but you aren't even on my enemy list, let alone at the top of it. Honestly. Have a good Friday night and here's hoping we get what we want (on the pitch) tomorrow. UTO.
  11. Maybe so. Better ways of dealing with it too...
  12. I'll leave others to be the judge of that. Other posters not racist, knuckle dragging, autistic girl bullying, neanderthals that think they want to go back to the 80's because they don't share your opinion. But in your mind they are. Because you say so. Yours, sans banana, ArMozzers
  13. @DoesJackHunt In approximate order: You aren't the sole arbiter of what is and isn't appropriate. You assume you are, otherwise you would display a little humility. You didn't have to take everyone on. I suspect most of the dissenters don't like your tone as much as what you are saying. Nobody is suggesting "blacking up". I always refrain from using "woke", "lefty" and "snowflake" about anyone. They hold about as much meaning as "gammon" and are just indicators of how far public discourse has been degraded in the Web 2.0 era. I can't be arsed combing this thread but you have gone way beyond appealing for a lack of plastic bananas at the game. That's why so many posters have baited/memed you. You have slain enough characters on the way to page 27 that your protests fall somewhat flat. My somewhat pithy comments about you are in line with what you have "Doled" out. OP made the same point as you but somehow managed to not irk so many other posters, there is a good reason for that. I stand by what I said, it was only when you started whiteknighting for Greta Thunberg that I realised your perspective is way out of wack and felt compelled to comment in such a fashion. It wasn't nice, but in the throes of your (perceived) virtue, neither are you. Normally though, I'm sure you're a real nice bloke. I can tell your heart is in the right place. Anyways, see you on the Kop tomorrow. I'll be the one not holding a banana. UTO.
  14. Most of us manage to do our bit for the environment but can't manage being a full time campaigner like a well-off Swedish teenager can. Most of us do the right thing without being lectured to and harangued. Most of us can find our own moral compass without being lectured to. You sound like a man who is high off his own righteous dopamine hits. Honestly, get yourself outside and scream at the traffic. Finally, most of us can have fun in our own way without the likes of you telling us all off. Get yourself some humility mate. And I STILL don't want to take a banana to the game. UTO.
  15. Not sure, but they certainly don't taste as good.
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