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  1. Im No weekend millionaire pal I have a mortgage..a partner a child and another one on the way..I look after my money..i would keep quiet..you’re making yourself look pretty childish ..don’t be jealous keep flipping those burgers
  2. It’s called price work you donut..Its ok you won’t understand much working at Burger King or McDonald’s..or have you managed to better yourself are you now a cleaner at Wetherspoon?
  3. I’ve supported Wednesday since I was 8 years old..and I had a season ticket for 20 years..don’t even go there
  4. I don’t drink I just like to argue with people who are wrong
  5. I work 30 mins away from home..and I admit I don’t earn that every day but I don’t really earn any less than £200 a day but I don’t get paid for holidays..it has its good points and bad points bricklaying..a bad bad is a big negative
  6. I’m not on hourly rate you do it I’m on price work
  7. Look I will keep giving you my opinion..if I’m not allowed an opinion then please delete me..I don’t really care..I’m one of those people that says what thinks,if you don’t like it then that’s your problem not mine
  8. If you want me to lend you a days wage just let me know..you keep packing those boxes
  9. Only had Monday off because everything was frozen other than that I earn my usual £350 a day
  10. Aren’t you funny .it’s ok I will keep earning a day what you earn a week
  11. I ain’t no youth either..I’m a 38 year old bricklayer..no need to be jealous
  12. I’m not from Barnsley and I don’t live in Barnsley..when I set the account up I was sat in a house in Barnsley ..is that ok dad?
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