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  1. Hey Paul could I have a link please. Thanks
  2. Will have to put the haters on suicide watch tonight..
  3. Im surprised by this because when Hutch did that podcast interview he couldnt speak highly enough of Moore. Man love spunk fest..
  4. Mind your own business ruru.you talk enough sheeeite for all of us.
  5. Can we amalgamate all the Moore bashing threads in to one please. Like a broken record at the moment..
  6. I would think twice if I was the club journo and got invited to a free holiday in turkey..
  7. Sorry morepork, para jack, heppers etc just not your night.maybe Saturday will bring you some joy.
  8. If the score stays like this then the Moore haters will have to put on suicide watch. Dread to think what will happen if Wednesday beat oxford at the weekend. ..
  9. EIGHT games played and the reactionary owlstalk extremists are called for his head on a platter. Thank God it's not reflective of the wider fan base. Give him at least til Xmas and only then make the change if lower bottom half. Hard league to get out of at first attempt especially with a bunch of loans and freebies. Not a single penny spent on a transfer fee..
  10. Moore needs to go now. He's lost the dressing room. Can't pick a team.plays everyone out of a position. Has no plan a or b. Never won anything.my Gran could do a better job. Tactically naive..etc
  11. Does this mean you won't be watching Wednesday anymore and therefore posting a load of tosh post match. I do hope so.
  12. Oh well at least the anti-Moore brigade have finally got something to shuffle off to. They should have a get together and play soggy biscuit with a picture of big dazza on a digestive.
  13. That's one long winded way of saying Moore out. Well done ruru.
  14. Think he's kept out of bother for a couple of years now. The Rio podcast certainly changed my perspective on him. You should give it a listen oh righteous one.
  15. Hope someone can fix this.my ears are bleeding
  16. That's rich. You're the one with the entitlement that Wednesday should be smashing every div 1 team. Dosent work that way. Enjoy your level 4 lockdown..
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