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  1. Best go and support another team then..
  2. You certainly don't with the amount of codswallop you cough up.
  3. Why not just get behind him instead of the constant digs. Remember he's a young manager still learning the ropes. He's going to make errors but in the grand scheme of things he's united the club and fans. That in it's self is a fantastic achievement.
  4. Complete horseshiit. Nice try though
  5. Why is it the best in the league? How do you quantify that.
  6. Might be better to think first before bashing away on that Fisher price keyboard..
  7. For some it really isn't enough!
  8. Christ you just won't be happy til Moore has gone..
  9. Parajack et Al will be have their waank sock warming up as we speak...
  10. Rather put my faith in an ex professional who's played at the highest level who works with the players daily rather than some short sighted armchair know it all.
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