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  1. I’m going to go with the boring choice and have Bolton as well please.
  2. ITS BACK! tough first round of games! Ill take Ipswich please!
  3. I think we will win on Saturday. Will be putting a few quid on us for sure.
  4. I imagine you would be able to get in with some hassle. Issue is probably that to scan a screen you need special scanners. laser scanners can’t scan a screen because of the light omitted from your device.
  5. I watched all the clips I could find on the internet when he signed and looked for any stats I could find too. said he would be crap when we signed him, did not seem like a Moore signing at all. Bizarre one all round. I wish him look going forward. Think he had a go when he played can’t ask anymore than that really.
  6. Sensible soccer by name, sensible soccer by nature. Need to get this sorted now really.
  7. I really feel like this lads time will come. I usually think we hype up young players too much sometimes but in this instance he’s one id like to keep. Unfortunately there’s no space for him in the team at the moment. I’d try and tie him down for another 2-3 years loan him again this season with the option of a recall. If he’s still looking far away from first xi next season we would maybe Be able to sell him for a small fee.
  8. Yeah me too. Thought he was one of our best players early on last season. bit of a forgotten man due to the team playing well when he was injured.
  9. He was a good player for us on his day. Thought he looked tired towards the end of the season. Honestly disappointed that he’s gone but we have already bought in some one with better fitness and athleticism in his position.
  10. As someone who has played competitive tennis and football. I’d say football requires greater aerobic fitness. tennis is mentally a lot harder and requires more focus though.
  11. I do think tickets should be cheaper as I know a lot of people stretch themselves paying to watch Wednesday, I think that football teams should recognise this. however I do agree with what you say cheap tickets won’t entice many in. We have never really filled the stadium even when we have been playing well (few and far between). So it doesn't really make any sense for the club to lower the prices. Imagine we will end up with about the same average this season as we did last.
  12. I usually appreciate that being a footballer can be hard it takes a lot dedication but when I see players posting this rubbish makes you want to give there heads a wobble… don’t know they are born! the nothing that pogba is talking about is more a week in wages it takes a lot of people 10 years to earn, the cheek of it as he’s been rubbish in 75% of his games for Man U
  13. Your right, I’ve overreacted there and I am willing to give him a chance but the fact that critchley didn’t want him at Blackpool and then he has been a mainstay in a ******** poor team that have leaked goals over the last two seasons doesn't fill me with confidence that he is a ball playing maestro at the back. Hope he turns out to be a solid player for us but my expectations are low. also I know I said I’m underwhelmed by stockdale but if you look at it logically we are signing one of the best keepers in the division from last year and taking him from a rival to boot. I’d also like to see Dawson be given a go and for there to be some competition for the start. I think both are good enough to be part of a promotion winning side next season.
  14. I’m very underwhelmed by him and stockdale too. If we wanted a big lump centre half would rather have kept dunkley but as you e mentioned we must cut our cloth accordingly. Looking at these makes me think we should have cashed out on windass. Hopefully we can pick up a few rough diamonds I’ve got the faith in DM to make good decisions.
  15. Wouldn’t have back but I don’t get all the hate. Celtic are traditionally one of the big big clubs, if a player is offered the chance of course they are going to take it. People keep saying they would have developed better here. We don’t exactly have a first class record of developing young players now do we? would take shaw back though think there is a top player in there although he needs a lot to fulfill his potential
  16. 1 million is still good money I think because of the money at the top of the game we forget it’s still a lot of cash. If we took on two frees on 10k a week they would be paid for with change for the next year. I know it’s more complicated than that but you have to remember pretty much all clubs in FL are living outside there means
  17. I wanted to keep him last year as I thought he would be the player to get us promoted. after the injuries he has had this season we should bite there hands off as it will be the last chance we get to sell him.
  18. Great shout this. Players can have a hand shake after the game
  19. I went to England vs hungry there in 1997 to watch England U18s play against hungry. Micheal Owen got sent off for a head but
  20. Whilst the ultimate goal for Wednesday has to be to play at the highest level week in week out. To be honest I personally find the premier league boring as hell sky and the money that has come with it have spoiled the game to an extent. It’s slowly messing up the EFL as well. The north London derby on a Thursday night what is that about? Couldn’t even bring myself to turn tv on
  21. I think people see Man City and Liverpool scoring 100 odd goals a season and think why aren’t we doing that? Not to state the obvious but they are mega teams with world superstars funded by multi billionaires 78 goals in league one with a team made up of free and loans players is prolific tbh people who think we should sack more cos we are too defensive need to give there head a wobble
  22. I was thinking this watching last night I’d love a forward like Stewart. Big and mobile is a dangerous combo at league 1 level. Oliver probably one of the more realistic names mentioned here
  23. Yes two goals and two assists in 12 starts and 6 subs. Had good games against Plymouth and Ipswich gave the squad a little boost when he came in. Has never see like his heart is in it to be honest. Doesn't fit the system and was at fault for the goal. Be one of those players you forgot played for us in 10 years time.
  24. Wednesday and football in general are a massive part of my life and identity but to be honest win, lose or draw I don’t really mind as there is always another game and there will always be more opportunities for these massive games to come around. bring on next season
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