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  1. Craig rocastle had one good game luckily it was the right one. He was immense in the playoff final. if it wasn’t for that performance I would struggle to remember him.
  2. Him and shodipo have both been very disappointing. I thought they would be big players for us this season. I’m willing to give both time but Wing in particular has shown absolutely zero so far.
  3. In defence of bannan we were making it far to easy for the keeper to claim. We need someone attacking the front post and players blocking the keeper. We just let him have it. The players don’t look like they think they will score from a corner. wings corner into the side netting was abysmal though
  4. BPF man of the match brilliant saves and some great catches from crosses. Couple of near gaff moments. Think he has the potential to go on and be a good championship keeper just needs to work on a few things. palmer and Paterson were both fantastic.
  5. Whilst I feel for the fans in the ground. I’m really not bothered by it.no one will remember this game by the end of the season. it is an Embarrassment if no one gives one?
  6. Worst half I’ve seen at Hillsborough was probably when we lost 0-5 to Wimbledon in 2000.
  7. I’ve gone for Bannan, controlled the midfield got stuck in defensively with tackles and interceptions. Different level to everyone on the pitch tonight. honourable mentions to Dunkley - dominated in the air caused real problems from the set pieces and was a rock at the back when they came forward. Luongo- what an upgrade him and Byers look on wing hopefully can stay fit Gregory- good link up play hard work and got a goal. Ticking over consistently massively valuable player for us. -Hunt - got up and down and caused them a few problems
  8. That was so good…. We were awesome tonight! Not felt like this after a match for a long time. can I just say fair play to DM tonight, deserves some credit tonight after some of the abuse he’s had.
  9. Anyone remember that Motherwell thread from a while back? Maybe we shouldn’t get into this
  10. There is definitely a positive (negative?) correlation there! maybe I should give it up
  11. Calm down pal! Maybe I think the misery and disappointment is part of the fun of being a football fan. You can't be telling me you never feel disappointed by us? We have such high expectations as a fan base but what we get is. -letting in last minute goals to tin pot clubs - never coming back to win when we let in the first goal. - signing players like Bothroyd, Berahinho and Jeffers -crap chairman -last day relegations -rubbish managers Just thought we could have a laugh about it on here by looking at ours and hothers plights . Rather than another DM thread
  12. Newcastle fans are the most miserable. Totally unjust they have some great players over the years Ben arfa, st maximan, shearer etc never been sure on what basis they think they should be competing with the very best.
  13. So I was thinking are there any teams more disappointing to support than Wednesday in the football league? Or are we the worst in the EFL I’m 32 and we have basically been in a constant decline as a club since I started going, all be it with a couple of false dawns and promotions from the pub league. Any bit of excitement or joy we have seems to be quickly taken away from us. Can anyone think of a more underwhelming club to support than Wednesday? I’m going with Oldham athletic….
  14. I said sow would be a disaster signing when we got him. He’s basically been playing reserve football in Holland before he came here. Crap stats and any video footage of him showed very little. The majority of the signings seemed to show some joined up thinking, whereas sow came from nowhere. Bizarre signing. What happened to Josh sims he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth! Think he could have added something to the squad.
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