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  1. Who’s told you that nonsense. A strikers prime job is to score goals. If they’re very good then they can link play up in the final third (Gary Hooper) but failing that their main role is to score goals. He is our top scorer (5 in 12) and has the joint most assists in the side. He will get double figures this season easily and will be our only player on double figures too. You're suggesting we drop him for another striker for example Kamberi is madness when Gregory has single handedly won us 5 of our 20 points. So without him we’d be 18th. He is a poacher his job is to be in and around the box, that’s how it works. Not picking the ball up on half way or being played in behind. 352 doesn’t enable him to do that. 442 and 433 would do.
  2. We will get promoted eventually whether it’s this season or in 5 years. We’d have got relegated eventually and if we had stayed up last season, reach on a new deal, Westwood on a new deal, Rhodes Lees. We needed to go down and we now have to accept that we are on the rebuild.
  3. Thought this was going to be a ‘try Iorfa in midfield’ thread
  4. Fizz me last game everyone had brown in their teams and hated Johnson, now everyone’s slating brown after 1 bad game as if Johnson is the new messiah some Swfc fans
  5. 352 BPF iorfa Dunkley Palmer Hunt Fizz Bannan Aderian Brown patto grego
  6. He’s a poor footballer that’s why
  7. I’d say the fact that Bannan Iorfa Dennis Gregory and possibly Theo would walk into any side in this division. Name some players from the top 2 you’d take here?
  8. Paid compo for Moore. Will cost Chansiri much more by stopping in this division.
  9. If only there was an ex SWFC player. Who the fans loved. Who always played with 110%. Who’s got promotion on his CV. Who’s said he’d love to manager Swfc.
  10. We have the players to be top 2. How many other leagues do you not win in 5 games and still be on the edge of the playoffs. Any half decent manager would get us ticking it’s pretty self explanatory job.
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