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  1. 20 is plenty and £5 for kids. Pride season tickets accordingly.
  2. We’ve turned that corner. The last 3 years have been awful. We are now on the way up. Slowly but we will get there. Give Moore some money let him get in who he needs and keep Chansiri in the background and we will be fine
  3. Great idea. Sack the manager just as his team starts clicking. Get in a new manager. Have a 10th place finish next season whilst he gets his own players in and starts fresh. Sack him too after a 10th place finish. Then what?
  4. 3-0 I’m more confident now than I ws before the game. They’re dreadful and we won’t play that bad twice. Their game plan was to put the tie out of reach by the end of the first leg nd they didn’t. They’ll be cacking it. Let’s be honest how confident would you be going into away fixture with 1-0 lead
  5. Dreadful home fans didn’t make a noise
  6. Alfie May, Taylor from Oxford who run us ragid
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