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  1. why should we fear any of these teams………
  2. Great photos, great day and great result but……… for f##k sake can someone get a big tin of paint and get rid of that ‘Presto Stand’ lettering please
  3. Hutchinson Sorry…damn copy and paste. Just being idle after a long day
  4. Peacock-Farrell 8 Palmer 7 Storey 8 Hitchinson 8 Hunt 8 Luongo 8 Byers 9 Bannan 9 Johnson 7 Berahino 8 Gregory 9 Great team performance for a great crowd performance WAWAW
  5. BPF Storey, Dean, Hutch Hunt, Bannan, Byers, Luongo, Johnson Dele Bashiru* Gregory * Bit of a wild card. Can’t do no worse than Berahino, Kamberi, NML or Paterson who have all misfired alongside Gregory recently. He’s strong, athletic and will run at defenders. Something opponents will not have prepared for. Could just get us over the line WAWAW
  6. Great interview by Bannan on sky all about the team performance and the magnificent support…..then they presented him with MOTM award and showed his goal six times……….brilliant
  7. And don’t forget they’re on a roll now……one win in one WAWAW
  8. To be first to get the football special on Penistone Road back to Ponds Street…………..those were the days
  9. will she be fit for Sunday to play in a back ‘paw’
  10. And another coming up on Sunday…….top two put to the sword
  11. I don’t see a reason, now we have got the momentum, why we can’t go on a run similar to 2011/2012 when we ended the season on a run of 14 games undefeated and gained promotion. The only thing that could hinder this would be more injuries to vital players keep the faith WAWAW
  12. I am sure that if it had been a different result against Hull in 2015/16 or even the following season, this topic would have been a non starter (also depending if things had progressed and we’d stopped in the premiership). We just have to suck it up at the moment that we are no longer in the ‘big league’ and accept these decisions No way will professional football in this country become a permanent summer sport. There is too much riding on it through the winter season with the tv companies and oversees sponsorship/betting But…….Lets hope our fortunes change, we get the rub of the green and in a few years we too can be looking forward to spending time with the ‘other half’ shopping at Meadowhall on Saturday afternoon when our beloved Wednesday team are resting their weary legs for a few weeks after a couple of gruelling ‘Winter’ fixtures, including a 2-0 win over Man City on a wind swept Tuesday night in January infront of 35000 at Hillsborough. WAWAW
  13. If they are the same size of a shopping trolley token, which also make good advertising golf markers, then you may only be looking at £1……£1.50 at a push What are they made of?
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