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  1. jog on dumbos, there’s a new golden boy in town……
  2. Yes, great days when the club, team and fans all pulled together during a difficult period in our history Luckily for Jack (RIP) he’s not the manager now in today’s climate, as he would have been hounded out/sacked after his first season (in the pub league/3rd division) when we finished 14th and got knocked out of the FA cup by ‘non league Wigan’. We also finished 14th in his second season Thankfully he was given chance to rebuild the club, achieved promotion and the rest is history WAWAW
  3. That crowd looks a bit hostile with all that arm waving and pointing…….and no sign of any stewards Get ready for a pitch invasion when Bannan goes down the middle, spins on a sixpence and puts it in the top corner WAWAW
  4. It also shows how desperate the players are, with the way Corbeanu is celebrating with the fans. Lets give our away supporters a break, they go up and down the country backing the team. They have witnessed some horrific trips/results/performances this season (and the last two) so let them celebrate. No one was assaulted, including opposing players, no one arrested, just some fans experience a day to enjoy a good team performance More performances like this and the more we will get used to it.….…and not need to invade the pitch in celebration …..and yes I know, it was only Crewe WAWAW
  5. Can never understand why the front of the West Stand roof has not been repainted. It looks so shabby and you can still make out ‘Presto Stand’ after all these years Surely we could generate some extra income from major sponsorship to put a new name on it (not Chansiri or Elev8) Even blue and white stripes would be an improvement
  6. 𝗫𝗜 | Wildsmith, Farmer, Trialist, Agbontohoma, Brown, Waldock, Byers, Glover, Adedoyin,Berahino, Sow Correct GB……With the way things are going, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that not the first eleven against Accrington
  7. Great weekend green man and an Indian at night all you can eat breakfast at the Nova hotel. check out and dump the bags then back to the green man again beers on the green and watch the coach drive past, then in to the ground for the game put it in your diaries 21st May 2022 WAWAW
  8. Let’s see how serious Moore is for this competition Sow, Berahino, Brown Wing off Windass, Adedoyin, Bannan, Hunt on 45mins to turn this around
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