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  1. Cushions were often seen thrown in the early 70’s (photo from OT Cushion topic 2017)
  2. “Delighted to have signed for this massive club……………” Good enough for me
  3. When we used to invade Chesterfield…..(Saltergate) ‘’….you can shove your crooked spire up your @rse …….sideways “
  4. I can remember a certain winger we bought that didn’t turn out too bad up front, scoring 24 goals in our promotion season 79-80
  5. Wasn’t aware of this, but Chris Turner player two games for L€€Ds in the late 80’s while on loan
  6. Opened a betting shop in Shiregreen on Bellhouse Road below the Hartley House Club in the late 70’s after he retired ….…took £10 off him when Aldaniti won the Grand National in 81 RIP
  7. Good point Lightning Also give a spray marker to the assistant referees to mark where the ball goes out of play for a throw in and to mark the point a free kick is taken for offsides/fouls in the defensive half so that no advantage in gaining ground can be made (usually by the keeper)
  8. Come on Room00 Anyone would think we could be relegation fodder with what you have wrote. We finished fourth last season when things were difficult at times with players (injuries) and formations, only being pipped by Sunderland in the last five minutes of a day out at Wembley (tomorrow) Who says these teams will be stronger? Of the teams you mention only MK Dons finished above us and we put them in their place with our performance and goal of the season As for Derby, they will be bringing enough baggage down with them to see them fall even further. Peterborough are a bit of a wild card and as for Barnsley, six points there for starters. We now know what to expect from this league and with the nucleus of the team that remains and with the addition of new players, hopefully we can sustain a strong automatic promotion push next season So let’s carry on as supporters where we left off last season and see them through to the championship in 2023 WAWAW
  9. What….they lost in the playoffs again
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