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  1. Absolutely amazing that we have done next to nothing to save ourselves but have been handed a lifeline anway.
  2. Didn't see much of him as City dropped from L2 into division 6 (north), I can tell you that.
  3. He's certainly been known to show up at the odd game at Bootham Crescent.
  4. We have a good goalkeeper, he's called Nick Pope and he plays at Burnley. How he doesn't get the shirt ahead of Pickford I don't know.
  5. Indeed, why are we watching a replay while the commentators are getting outrageously excited about the action that we can't see? Far from the first time I've noticed it.
  6. Rhodes MOM for me. While Windass had to work hard to finish it, Rhodes creates that chance out of absolutely nothing.
  7. Not sure why Paterson ends up steaming unstoppably towards his own line in that situation, but would tend to agree there are other players more culpable.
  8. I've seen this lot play at Tadcaster Albion. Tad were 1-0 up when the floodlights failed and the game was abandoned. Still more fun than watching Wednesday at the moment.
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