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  1. a better example would be that we deserved on merit to play in Europe, when clubs were banned because of the scousers. On that point alone I have absolutely no sympathy for Liverpool if the league were to be considered null and void
  2. When comparing to other grounds we are all missing the point. The issue according to sag is that the crowd is condensed on exit with little room to ease the build up.This was caused by syp double parking the coaches. Obvious solution is to move the coaches somewhere else or back to where they used to park up.
  3. more likely that fans will get behind whoever is in charge and give them time
  4. we could give the away fans 2000 seats in the kop side of north or the south, leaving the away end for home support. Job jone
  5. what restrictions are in place at bumhole lane?..... none I suspect
  6. so we voted B, they went with A. A worthwhile exercise, I must say
  7. its not about investment, its about good recruitment on lower budget, many teams have gone this route with success
  8. don't the kids have history lessons round your way
  9. It can be seen from the Kop, I agree though it is not an issue at all
  10. looks to me as though he`s looking at all those empty seats we aren`t allowed to sell, and thinking ffs what tail tugging tuggers they are at sag and syp
  11. "of the other 92" does not include Wednesday, the clue is "other", so he is suggesting there are 93 keep it simple
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