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  1. Waited for about two hours outside the arcade on Hillsborough with my parents and sister and if I recall correctly, the bus was running late so when it did turn up, it sped through at about 40mph - my abiding memory is of just catching a glimpse of the back of Carlton Palmer's head as the bus wellied away in a plume of diesel fumes. Good times
  2. It's funny you know, whenever I read or hear that kind of sentiment expressed (usually by a supporter of one of the lesser local sides) my own experience is quite the opposite - anybody I've ever known whose settled in Sheffield as an adult has, without fail, chosen Wednesday usually after a run in with United fans. Let's face it, they're not going to pick us for the glory or scintillating football are they?
  3. #bringhimhome https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/gary-hooper/profil/spieler/42513
  4. To be fair, they only do that to owners who **** around, consistently miss agreed dates to complete the sale then try and fudge the accounts by incorrectly entering the date in the wrong accounting year. But which club owner would be so incompetent as to do that?
  5. I'm with you on this, don't quite know what's happened in the last 24 hours seems the countries gone bonkers (well more so than usual, anyway). I just don't get why people keep on tolerating the nonesense on twitter. If everyone who was genuinely offended by the biggots decided to swerve that cesspit of a platform, they'd be forced into doing something meaningful about what goes on on there. Complaining about the bigots on the very platform that allows the bigots to spout their filth is like pouring petrol on to a fire. Boycott it in a meaningful way and watch how quickly they clean up their act.
  6. Chansiri: "Hey Borner, remember that time I paid you your wages after not contractually paying them on time for months? You do? Well now it's time for YOU to do ME a favour!"
  7. Which, if it's part of a cohesive strategy I don't have a problem with. If on the other hand it's because we're brasic..
  8. I reckon you might find the terms 'development squad' and 'first team squad' are pretty much interchangeable this coming season..
  9. Meh, club's rolling in money, we don't need other clubs to pay market value for our youngsters, they'll probably turn out to be s#it anyway /sarcasm
  10. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-unpaid-wages-saga-20715854 Took me like 20 seconds to Google it..
  11. I got this badge - which while it's factually accurate is a bit close to the knuckle (like my hand fat, ironically!)
  12. "How Sheffield Wednesday CAN sign players despite their reported embargo – but the details are pretty specific | The Star" https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/how-sheffield-wednesday-can-sign-players-despite-their-reported-embargo-but-the-details-are-pretty-specific-3252937?amp Difficult but not impossible to sign players while under an embargo. The difference between us and Wolves is they were promoted to the premier League and therefore no longer under the jurisdiction of the EFL. In league one we're still under their governance so all their rules still apply to us - relegation or no.
  13. Am I missing something? Why would an embargo put in place due to late filing of accounts be affected by which division we're in? Also there are ample, more recent articles on the web where local journos talk about us being under an embargo. Whatever you think of them, I'm pretty sure if we weren't that would be an easy accusation to rebuff?
  14. "Sheffield Wednesday confident EFL transfer embargo will not affect their summer overhaul | Yorkshire Post" https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-confident-efl-transfer-embargo-will-not-affect-their-summer-overhaul-3190425?amp
  15. I've also seen people STILL calling the players greedy, disloyal etc. for wanting their wages. Don't you just love Facebook?
  16. Maybe he means fans who feel their entitled to a refund?
  17. Being 'grateful' that DC is still financing the club, given that most of the financial issues are of his making, is the equivalent of thanking the burglar that broke into your house when he stops cr@pping on your living room carpet.
  18. Itll be fine - we'll have team full of youth team players and the 21/22 season equivalent of Kachunga* and all the people complaining that the players are just fat cats who can suck it up will wonder why were heading towards league 2. Like I say, it'll be fine *Didnt mean to pick on old Elias, could have been any 1 from 10
  19. It frazzles my brain that some fans STILL refuse to acknowledge the cause and effect of not being paid correctly and its effect on performances. Are people genuinely that desperate to prop up this chairman that they'll just ignore common sense?
  20. I've said this everytime we've been relegated "it'll be fine, we'll reset in the league below, win more games, build momentum and come back up stronger ". First time I said that was when we lost our premier league status..... Thing is, I have zero confidence in Chansiri doing anything but run this club into the ground. Relegation will NOT be pretty.
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