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  1. I've said this everytime we've been relegated "it'll be fine, we'll reset in the league below, win more games, build momentum and come back up stronger ". First time I said that was when we lost our premier league status..... Thing is, I have zero confidence in Chansiri doing anything but run this club into the ground. Relegation will NOT be pretty.
  2. To be fair, I'd say Forest are. Everton have a lot of fans but have achieved very little in 40 years. Forest will always have a leg up on similar size teams because of what they achieved under Clough/Taylor. Leicester currently bigger, us not since the early 90's and unlikely to overtake them any side of this half century:(
  3. He's just given his first interview! (Sorry about the crap photoshop, I was rushed and supposed to be working)
  4. It was a strange season all around. We were poor for large chunks of it, negative dull (thank God those days are over ), but when we got to the play offs you kinda thought we'd go for it, like we did the season before. For whatever reason, we just didn't. Massive missed opportunity.
  5. And how much money has gambling that the youth players wont meet the required standard added to the club coffers? Compared to say offering massive contracts to crocks and expensive failures?
  6. Of course it happens at all clubs. But when was the last time a player at Hillsborough broke through into the first team and showed promise and didn't end up leaving for a fraction of what we could have got? Especially under Chansiri's stewardship?
  7. I'm struggling to think of any that fall for it as consistently as we do.
  8. Other clubs seem to manage it - including one very successfully in the same city as us.
  9. It's not the point that Clare or Hirst failed to deliver on their early promise. It's that like Shaw, we let players go for peanuts rather than tie them down to reasonable contracts. Let some other club discover if they're the real deal or not, but at least make them pay well for the privilege of finding out.
  10. Just playing Devils advocaar for a minute....I cant image many owners/directors of a company that has barely received any income in the last 12 months to commit to continue to plug the financial hole indefinitely?
  11. Lot of 'ifs' in that statement. But yeah, I agree if by some miracle Chansiri changes his way and lets Moore actually manage and bring in his players, next season could be better than we fear. Unfortunately, theres more chance of my ars3hole sprouting dafs than that happening:(
  12. Exactly this, I wont criticise Chansiri for this one, we complain when we let players go for nothing, it would be churlish to complain when we actually got a fee.
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