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  1. This is my only real concern tbh (and I'm not saying that nml was the answer) but we do lack that little something that can turn a match from the bench since he's gone. But I do have faith Darren will do some good business before the start of the season to remedy this.
  2. That's no bad thing imo. I'm not convinced filling the team with players from higher leagues is a shortcut to success. I think you need a core of players who know this league.
  3. If this thread proves nowt else it's that Dawson will never be given a fair shake of the stick by some in our fanbase regardless of what improvement he's made as a keeper, so for that reason alone we probably should look to move him on.
  4. Beg all you like - that's your interpretation of the facts I put forward, not mine.
  5. But what of your name is Pedro?
  6. Absolutely not - his time here was done, for whatever reason it just didn't work out for him here. All I'm trying to point out that he must have something to offer these teams, otherwise he would be either retired or playing his trade in the lower leagues.
  7. Never said he was prolific. Literally never said or implied that. But you've just confirmed what I said - 11 starts/9 goals. But Norwich DID want to sign him after their promotion and this season a team aiming for promotion to the premier league saw fit to play him. So if he's the busted flush that some on 'ere would have you believe, why do these managers keep playing him in these critical games?
  8. He scored 9 in 11 starts for Norwich and if it wasn't for their fundamental aversion to paying for players (or Chansiri's over the top valuation, depending on what you believe) he would have signed for them. I doubt he featured regularly for Huddersfield this season based purely on just nostalgia..
  9. Not saying he is but he's played in two teams that either got promotion or nearly got promotion (3 if you include our failed attempt against Hudds) so he obviously has something to offer. I doubt a succession of different managers pick him because he's a nice bloke.
  10. Well, since he signed for Wednesday he's got one promotion to the premier league with Norwich on his CV and yesterday narrowly missed out on a second, so he obviously offers something.
  11. Waddle Nilsson Walker (With an honorable mention to Sheridan)
  12. Mark Bright - always in Hirst's shadow, yet always scored plenty of goals in the top division and rarely missed a game through injury.
  13. I'd love to see Dawson come back and nail down the No1 spot but I doubt he'll get the chance with some of our fans, which is sad. Besides, if the rumours are to be believed, he wants to stay down south.
  14. Your forgetting in front of our own fans, always the seasoning on the steak that one
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