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  1. Palmer had a great game , but they all played fabulous apart from one of our strikers doh! Really enjoyed how we chased them down and forced them backwards . Brilliant atmosphere too! UTO.
  2. 3 lights on the leppings lane roof were off and of the other 3, 2 were pointing straight down so ineffective. Very poor really.
  3. Hi, I like many others at Saturdays game were parked in a layby on Lowther Road at the side of the crown pub . I got a parking ticket which I'm appealing against. Just wondered if anyone else got a ticket in the same layby as after 1st conversation with the council I may be able to get mine rescinded. Thought we could pool our arguments if anyone did get a ticket ? UTO, FTB.
  4. Hi, just wondered if tonight's game is on the red button ? Thanks and hope you're all having a good Christmas!
  5. I forgot he played for them but he won nearly every header against Patterson today. In the few games he played for us before he left , I thought he looked a good player and I still think so now . A nice lad too from odd interview he did . He certainly should've stayed at the club.
  6. I think our general first touches were really poor! Once you don't control the ball, it gives the opposition to take advantage and this happened far too many times. We seemed to play like strangers , where no one knew where their team mates either were or where they wanted the ball. Along with a lack of desire , you could have the world's best manager in charge and it would make no difference. 22060 at the game and the players give the crowd nothing to shout about. Despite the shocking officials today . We are a bang average side upto now
  7. Chansiri still owes me for 5 games season before last and the whole of last season, season ticket worked out at £20 a game on the kop, in the championship and now £20 pay on the gate is for a category D game in league one ! Until I get my money back , not one penny going over the turnstile, club is an effin joke !!
  8. Me and 5 others I go with still waiting for refunds for 19/20 and last season too! Called in the shop 2 wks ago and couldn't be given any idea when we would be reimbursed , shocking treatment of the loyal fan base!
  9. Just one request for the awaited new kit. PLEASE don't have chansiri blazed on the front . The man is a lunatic, who single handedly has ruined ( and continues too ) our club. Not one part of the club is run correctly and we start the season in tier 3 purely down to his mismanagement. The man is an utter liability and disgrace!!
  10. Disgraceful that we have any communication with the Celtic scum !
  11. In my opinion, the club are underestimating the unrest in their season ticket purchases. We should have our money back morally let alone legally. We are hardly going to get the same product ie championship football that we purchased . The club is treating its core fans with utter contempt !
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