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  1. Given Chansiri's statement, that he takes sole responsibility for our relegation this season. Its be hoped he has testicles of steel , because the -6 points he shackled us with , really was the hole in the ship. Despite a shambolic on the field display , we were still the 4th worst team in the division. Given our plight, he owes an average of approx £600 to season tickets holders, we have a depleted squad who he has allowed their value to be nul and void and I believe we are still in a transfer embargo unless you know otherwise? A secret blade could not have orchestrated our demise
  2. I appreciate your question matey as I asked myself that whilst writing the post. Our squad is so weak we have little options to replace anyone.
  3. Upto the last couple of months I've always championed Reach. When he first came to Hillsborough, embarrassingly I hoped he could be the new " Waddle ". Having watched the match yesterday and the brief highlights today, although it was a poor ball he receives from Westwood, how Reach dealt with it as a professional footballer is beyond words. More over, his lack of effort to correct his error and in particular his lack of effort to follow up the penalty kick, leads me to wonder if we really can risk playing him in the last game v Derby. If Rotherham lose tomorrow and we need a win again
  4. Useless, no fight, no control, shocking crosses and gives the softest of penalties away! I hope I eat my words but ffs......
  5. I mentioned this very point to the club shop when I phoned re my refund in November. The club is totally betraying its loyal fan base by withholding their season ticket monies. Chansiri is an utter disgrace . I'm sure he would be onto his lawyers if he bought something but then didnt recieve his goods. Total crook !!
  6. My thoughts entirely, chansiri has shown utter contempt for us loyal season ticket holders !!
  7. This is written on our club badge. It's Latin translation is " by wisdom and courage " both of which we have lacked this last 16 months ( since Stoke away boxing day 2019 ). Just wondered what phrase you would have written on our badge , given our recent demise ?
  8. Upto conceding that goal today I hoped albeit foolishly that we had a chance of staying up. Until the maths say otherwise I'll still foolishly hope, but......we were at home today , had a 4min lead and they went down to 10 men after 22mins. All these positives should have seen us comfortably over the line and 3 points while teams around us faltered. Unfortunately, we couldn't even hold onto a dog lead , with our jellyfish team! We have zero points all season once we go behind, weve lost countless points when winning and sadly almost zero passion to fight for our club.
  9. He has ripped the heart and soul out of our club, selling our ground while doing so. He's gone from one disaster to another culminating in a demoralised squad and an even more demoralised fan base . He has no idea how to run a football club and the 6 point deficit he handicapped the team by is just the icing on the cake .
  10. I phoned about 3wk before last xmas and was told they were processing in order of when you asked for your refund. But the lady also said only 2 of the owls shop were working on it as other staff had been furloughed. I thanked her for the update but did ask her to mention to those in authority, that a lengthy delay in refunds would only be upsetting and frustrating the core fans as we are the ones prepared to buy a season ticket . Personally I think it's a disgrace the way the club has handled these refunds . There is no viable reason it should be taking so long to sort out . Fans shouldn't h
  11. We have 11 footballers on the pitch who literally look like they have just met. We are at home against a poor Huddersfield side , we are supposedly fighting for our championship status and we play like strangers to one another ! We are weak mentally and physically with no real desire to save our club. While we as fans are hundreds of hard earnt pounds out of pocket from non refunded season tickets , these pretenders milk the club dry. We sit silenced on our sofa's hoping our fortunes will change , while every one of us wants to purge our frustrations in the stands. This is not " our Wednesday
  12. Frig Carlos, he was in the right place at the right time,money to burn and he burnt it. When the pressure was on against Hull and Huddersfield he bottled it . I like Moore, he didnt need to take the job but he came out of his comfort zone and took a difficult challenge on . With lady luck on our side we MIGHT just survive this season WAWAW.
  13. Almost 10yrs ago Rangers were relegated to the lowest league division and most of their star players deserted them . Today's scenes of jubilation at them being confirmed as Scottish Premier Champions, shows a club's fortunes can be turned around , with the right strategies and leadership!! Congratulations to Rangers . Don't be too harsh on me asking " Can we do a Rangers " ? Tin helmet firmly on
  14. Yea appreciate my post was alittle outdated , but I took 4 days for my application to join was approved . I just needed to get my thoughts on Izzy's quote aired as it really frustrated me. I've followed Weds since 1982 , so I'm more than use to our ups and down. For me a switched seemed to have clicked when we played Stoke on boxing day the year before last. 14 of us in a minibus went to that game , us being 3rd in the table and we were pants and weve been the same ever since . Could it have been the players first wiff of a pending points deduction?
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