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  1. At one time teams coming to Hillsborough didn't expect to come away with any points. Now we are being beaten by teams that were not in the football league a few years ago and struggling against other teams whose homes have always been divisions 3 and 4. What has happened?im sick to bloody death of this complacent rubbish with an attitude of win, lose or draw we're happy. Alex ferguson used to go nuts at man u if the team didn't win, the same approach is needed here, give them all a kick up the backside or throw them out, grrrr!
  2. Dear Mr Moore You say that you need to look at what to do in order to get all three points. I can help you there, tell the players to score more goals than the opposition. In order to do this remind them that the game lasts for at least 90 minutes, they don't pack up and go home at 80. If you need any more help just let me know.
  3. We are improving, on those rare occasions in the past when we've scored 2 goals in the same game and been 2 up with 20 minutes to go we normally then let in 3, yesterday we only let in 2, so a nice surprise.
  4. Wasn't he the idiot that gave away a penalty against derby with 10 minutes to go resulting in us being relegated?
  5. Unfortunately I'm inclined to agree with you. I had serious doubts about Moore before the season started, then when it did start i thought maybe i was wrong, but now after having lost to teams like morecombe, relative newcomers to the football league, who we, the oldest club in the country "hope to learn from", its clear that we are a mediocre third tier team with no strategy or clue that anyone can fathom. Losing at home to crappy oxford after winning away to wigan kinda proves the point. Very disappointed!!
  6. And there i was thinking this season will be different, but nah, same old rubbish. Can't wait for the 'we learnt a lot from that game' comment from management. Even morecombe let in 4 at home yesterday and we couldn't even get one past them!
  7. Nice to see a manager focusing on winning a opposed to being happy regardless of the result. He's got rid of the overpaid and overrated crap such as Rhodes and Reach and brought in players that actually want to win. I must admit i was doubtful at first, i thought just another second rate manager, but I'm impressed, well done DM, for the first time in a long time i feel hope!!
  8. Nothing for the Scottish goalkeeper to do, no shots on target, England players crap. Could have been us playing!
  9. That's not what we want, it went in the net! We need someone that can kick it over the bar, then hold his head and spit on the floor, or is it spit on the floor first, never can remember.
  10. I take your point, but wasn't the deduction more to do with the accounting re the sale of the training ground and the apparent distortion of profit that resulted? Whichever way you look at it someone at the club should have known that trouble would follow and advised the chairman accordingly.
  11. Sorry guys, this comment may be unpopular, but i don't see how FFP can be blamed for our relegation. The rules apply to everybody, not just us, and have been around for a number of years, so the people in charge should have known what they are and the consequences of not following them, even if they don't agree with them. The reasons we got relegated to my mind are as follows. 1. Incompetent chairman, the guy is clearly out his depth when it comes to football and takes bad advice from his staff, for a successful business man this is quite surprising. 2. A string of second rate managers, but these were appointed by the chairman. 3. Poor quality players that think they've done their bit by turning up. No hunger or drive to succeed. You don't have to be the most skilful, but what they lack in skill should have been made up for with passion, but there wasn't any. How did teams like Brighton and WBA get promoted? They weren't overly skillful, but they wanted it badly. This poor player attitude i blame on the manager who in turn leads back to the chairman. So sorry Mr Chansiri, but all roads lead back to you!
  12. Why is the darby and joan club ladies team better than us?
  13. I thought we went down because the players couldn't care less about winning, as demonstrated by losing to teams like Rotherham and Birmingham at a time when we were fighting for our lives, and losing 3 2 when we were 2 nil up, and losing 7 games on the trot, and previously winning 1 game out of 10, and players like reach heading the ball to the opposition by the box and giving away penalties with 12 minutes to go when you need to win. The list is endless!
  14. Aahhh they feel a little bit low do they? What a shame, but that's how we've been feeling all bloody season! Never mind, if it were up to me they'd all be unemployed come Monday, just to boost their "little bit low" up to "medium low".
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