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  1. That's not right. It's his grandmother who hasn't been born yet.
  2. I believe it's a prototype away shirt design by Umbro from 1986. The design matches the style of other Umbro shirts at the time. Back then, kit suppliers offered a club various kit options in images. A shortlist was then made into actual shirts, usually only one of each. These prototype designs were then used for someone/panel to see what the shirt actually looked like and decide which kit to select. The colour scheme matches our away kit 1986-88. Who knows what or if there were other options to consider as what we ended up with was a bit unusual. These prototype designs occasionally turn up. I knew of someone who knew a Sunderland fan who's Mum worked at the Nike factory and he was always wearing unique Sunderland Nike shirts from the time when they supplied the kit.
  3. Thanks all, some lovely goals and memories.......also worthy of a mention: Imre Varadi v Forest home August 1984 kop end Mark Smith v Chelsea home 1982 kop end David Hirst v Newcastle away 1989
  4. https://www.truecoloursfootballkits.com/2009/01/24/sheffield-wednesday-kits-1977-2009/
  5. Filed under Stuff I Hate About Modern Football, the reason we wore it is commercial gain. To sell as many as possible, the shirt needs game time and exposure. And it gets it even when there is no colour clash with the blue and white stripes. I despise the kit. I hammered the pig fans last year for their pink kit. I agree it is too "red and white image" and is simply not Wednesday to me. I'd be p1ssed off if it was a training shirt never mind the away kit. I respect that people may like it and buy it. It may be modern and fashionable. Fair enough. In my grumpy old man world, I try to look for the positives these days. I thought it was good that it meant at least at Accrington, Charlton, Crewe, Cheltenham, Doncaster, Fleetwood, Morecambe and Rotherham we would wear blue and white stripes as the pink would not provide a colour differential with the home team. But I guess that means that the pink kit will get rolled out at places like Plymouth. It'll be interesting to see what we wear at Lincoln and Sunderland. Red/white and blue/white stripes are often seen as a colour clash. This day in 1993 we created a situation where Newcastle wore their blue away kit at home against us in white with black stripes. There are far more important things in life, but can't we just have a yellow away shirt next season please? It's not hard is it?
  6. The old club shop https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/172909-anyone-remember-the-old-sheffield-wednesday-shop/
  7. All my best and worst games already mentioned but can I add a couple not yet highlighted...... One of the best - Newcastle away promotion season 1984 Shelton overhead kick 1-0 One of the worst - Forest home 1-7, end of the Francis era (1995?)
  8. Regis was class that day. I liked Houchen and he scored a great diving header in the final against Tottenham, but both his goals against us in the quarter final involved very lucky deflections. You need a bit of luck to win a cup and Coventry's name was on the cup that year. Memorable day and great atmosphere.
  9. I bought it in 1986. It was a pretty poor effort for a club video back then, embarrassing at times in terms of production and some very wooden interviews. Maybe has more interest now as dated and yes, memories of a great team. If the board had backed Howard Wilkinson, I agree we would have won something. He was years ahead of his time with player fitness and conditioning, attacking full backs and pressing and closing down the opposition from the front.
  10. If Izzy Brown had been taking that injury time corner for us rather than McGugan......
  11. Had to sell my ticket as the game (I think it had been rearranged) clashed with a school geography field trip I couldn't skive. I was well pee d off. I remember me and a load of other Wednesday lads in a hostel in the Lake District waiting for the end of the national tv news (including some Falkland war features) for the footy scores. We were gutted with a draw. At least 4 of us went to the next game away at Bolton on the train. Lost but was a great laugh and saw Terry Curran's last goal for Wednesday.
  12. If his first goal was Newcastle at home November 1983 then yes, I remember that one. Did we win 4-2? I also remember Keegan moaning after the game saying we would struggle once the winter and heavy pitches came on. I remember we steam rollered most teams that season including doing the double over Keegan's Newcastle.
  13. With respect to the players before my time such as Andrew Wilson, Bronco Layne and Derek Dooley who no doubt were outstanding. For me it's..... 1. Lee Chapman 2. Andy Mac 3. Mark Bright - pity he didn't have any pace left when he was with us Honourable mention for Tony Cunningham who did a cracking job for 6 months.
  14. Maybe more like the assassination of JF Kennedy crossed with 9/11
  15. I can only remember going to the pig sty in November 1983 for Cec Coldwell's testimonial. Vaguely recall Howard Wilkinson and Peter Eustace came on as subs for us. Loads of Wednesday in their South Stand that night. Both us and United were promoted that season.
  16. Nice to know so many of us survived that trip! So either three of us are all wrong about what the Geordies threw off a building onto us or they did actually chuck the lot - a crate, a tv, a park bench and an industrial cable spool. Probably the latter. Anyone remember a kitchen sink?
  17. It's odd how your mind remembers things. I was in that escort going through the centre of Newcastle to the ground. You remember a tv being thrown off some flats, someone else mentioned a wooden crate being chucked off a very high building onto us. I remember it being a full size park bench from what was 5 or 6 stories high, and it landing on some Wednesday fans in front of us. Actually it was probably all three and more. The local coppers walking alongside us let the locals run into us, chuck glasses and marbles by the handfull. The coppers just laughed at us and one said "Aye , yer gunna get done sooner or later today". The train windows got put through on the way home, brick landed on the table we were sat at. The kids throwing the bricks looked about 9 years old. The train stopped at York so the two lads sat by the window and others could go to hospital. We won 1-0, Shelton overhead kick. Wonderful memories.
  18. Happy days......Sept 1996, we were top of the Premier league and had a unique and trend setting advertising campaign by Puma with a national profile.
  19. I must have seen hundreds of disappointing Wednesday corners, most of them because they didn't get beyond the first defender. But his v Rotherham is probably going to be the benchmark of awfulness, remembered for the rest of my life and the moment a few seconds later when I realised we were definitely going down again.
  20. Wonderful reading this thread, thanks to all. Three obvious seasons stand out but I love the mentions of the odd season where things off the pitch influenced the choice. Interesting that two of the general favourites (83/4 and 90/1) were promotion from Div2. Proof we love a winning team? Those two are certainly mine. 83/4 because the first time I did every home game and nearly every away. Away games were different then, more fun, anyone over 50 knows what I mean. 90/91 because we won a major trophy and beat Man Utd in the final. Sorry, but can't see us doing that again for a few decades. Is it a coincidence both seasons involved two of the most fondly remembered classic Wednesday kits? And a yellow away shirt as well. Do we like the kit because it was a wonderful season or because it was a damn good kit anyway and it made us play better? A few mentions for 91/92 when we finished third straight after promotion. We notoriously lost only three home games that season...... (Atkinson's) Villa first day, Lx#ds on live tv and United (was a double). If we'd won those games we'd have won the league. United finished 9th that season as well! But most United fans I know my age prefer season 1981/82 when they won Div4, although that is the only trophy they've ever won in our lifetime. They seem to favour a winning team as well rather than 9th in Premier league. So I've learnt from this thread, we need to get a decent classic striped home shirt, yellow away and we'll all have fantastically memorable year watching us get promoted. Likely to be followed by years in the top flight with raised expectation, mid-table boredom and frustration. I can't wait!
  21. I assume he died when someone challenged him with "Halt, who goes there?"
  22. Agree. Never heard of the player then realise it's his tenth cap. But he's only made one appearance for Chelsea/Arsenal/Man City/Spurs/Man U/Liverpool (delete as appropriate) and that was a league cup game
  23. Chris Turner in net for the 1993 FA cup final replay please
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