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  1. Agree with all these comments about the money, but don't worry, capitalism is eating itself. It hasn't got long left.
  2. Only if you've sold the engine to yourself first and I can rent that with the car
  3. 100% agree. P&S is not to blame for our relegation. Chansiri is.
  4. Good analysis. Although losing home and away to Rotherham (ffs) and Luton, and generally poor away form matter, personally I think the 6 points our clown of an owner lost us were more important. Closely followed by not paying the players ahead of away games.
  5. Forsyth, but unfortunately he got subbed before he could do any more for us
  6. Emotions are running high, understandable right now. Who would you appoint to replace Moore and staff? I'm not sure any manager would come and work under our clown and his advisor. I think we should keep focused on Chansiri being the problem. Changing manager, staff, kit, sponsors will change nothing. Getting a new owner will change things for the better.
  7. The then board not backing Howard Wilkinson financially in 1987 leading to him leaving to win the Championship with another club who did back him. In "sliding doors" moments, that changed the course of our recent history.
  8. This is not down to Moore. Sacking him will achieve nothing. As I've said before, the club is owned by a clown, attracted by the global attention of being (or aspiring to being) an owner of an English Premier League club. He knows less than nothing about running a club and ends up with “mates and advisors” who are not mates, not professionally qualified and not acting in the best interests of the owner, the club or anyone but themselves. They are leeches, parasites, attracted by the money and the opportunity to snatch, con and blag as much of it for themselves as they can through dodgy agents,
  9. If we survive today it will be like 1973/74, win on last day to stay up. Then headfirst into a season just as bad as 1974/75 where we go down in real style. Our hope, belief and wishes as fans are nowhere near enough to overcome supercharged incompetence and grotesque mismanagement by the owner. Whether it's this season or next, it's a one-way ticket to the third division. I am clinging to the hope that staying up today may result in a higher chance that Chansiri leaves.
  10. Looks like brilliant gear, I'll be shopping there no hesitation. And I've forwarded to some other exiles. People's Republic of South Yorkshire is a superb idea and I second the suggestion for a Suggs Sports one of you can do it. Good luck.
  11. Some tickets I kept for a reason. Good memories.
  12. A voucher for a semi-final we never even got to in 1984 and a coach ticket for the 1993 semi. No idea why I still have them.
  13. Many years ago we had some great players. Best we've had ...... David Hirst. World class striker, possibly one of the best in Europe for a few years. Stayed a while, wasn't with us in his twilight years like Waddle and wasn't "passing through" like Di Canio and a few others. Roland Nilsson probably a close second in my book. I remember Di Canio's debut at Newcastle first match of the season 97/98. He came on as sub. 99% of players wore black boots then. Di Canio was wearing gold boots. Bright gold. He'd better be good wearing them I thought. His
  14. Just seen this thread and the you tube clip after a Google search to see if I can buy the match programme. It wasn't my first game but one of the early ones. I was about 7 and went with my recently deceased Dad and my brother. We queued in a massive crowd scramble outside Leppings Lane for the West stand turnstiles. A police horse kept walking into the queue, deliberately moved by the policeman riding it. He was very abusive to anyone challenging his stupidity. The police opened an exit gate to relieve the pressure building at the turnstiles. Sound familiar? We sat in t
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