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  1. Having second clubs is only for the likes of Rovrum fans. Wednesday & England is all you need.
  2. Chelsea sack managers on a regular basis & still seem to maintain a level of success.
  3. I can't imagine for a minute that ANYONE thinks that. I'd settle for them doing their jobs.
  4. I think that playing without a manager at all would produce better results than leaving Dopey Daz in place.
  5. We are owned by a moron, with a manager who is a born again loser & scumbags for players. The ultimate solution for our predicament is a change of ownership. Unfortunately, there is not much the fans can do bring about that situation. That will only come about within Chansiri's time frame. Although I'd love to sack everyone of the scumbags masquerading as footballers, that is obviously not possible. That only leaves the replacement of the incompetent manager, to give us a slim chance of salvaging this sh i tshow of a season. Surely it's time to let this idiot know how we feel during the next home game, & force Chansiri into action?
  6. You said that was down to Chansiri though
  7. Without doubt, the fruitiest set of fans with the most flowery songs ever heard at Hillsborough!
  8. Imagine where we could be with a football manager at the club?
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