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  1. We won’t start the season. No chance. Can you imagine clubs like Leeds or Liverpool with an owner like this? There would be tens of thousands of fans outside their stadiums with huge banners, smoke bombs, flares, the lot...to get the attention of the national media. Our fans just sit back and allow inevitable liquidation.
  2. Briiliant post, and couldn’t agree more. The game is a far cry from what it was in the early 90’s. I’d support Wednesday in any shape or form, regardless of what division we’re in, Phoenix club or not.
  3. 1. Pay the outstanding debts, inc player wages and fans ST refunds 2. Chansiri to finally take accountability and listen to sensible offers from potential buyers 3. New owner(s) put in place 4. Rebuild the squad 5. Sensible ticket prices - £25 adults - £10 U18’s in all parts of the ground
  4. She might not get the opportunity.
  5. I think fans emotions are all over the place at the moment. No reaction or statement from the club is making all of this worse. We need some clarification of what the hell is going on, otherwise speculation is just causing a ripple of anxiety through the fanbase.
  6. Surely SWFC reforming in the lower leagues would be a great investment opportunity for somebody? Knowing if they can get them climbing the leagues the potential is always going to be huge due to the fanbase.
  7. The game has changed. It’s just a business now. Sadly, us and many others have been living outside their means for many years. It’s only a matter of time before it catches up with you. And it’s looking like we’ll be the first big club to go under.
  8. So, if/when we’re liquidated, what happens then? How likely is it that we reform in the lower leagues, say 8th or 9th tier? Maybe a ground share with Sheffield FC at their new stadium they’re having built at Meadowhead? Just wondering what our most likely options will be.
  9. Can we please just be liquidated and put us all out of our misery. This is the slowest and most painful of deaths.
  10. If you’re good enough you’re old enough. Look at Leeds’ keeper, he still only 21 and he’s been their No.1 for a few seasons now. And he’s built like a 13 year old.
  11. 100% agree with you. Sadly greed has utterly destroyed the fabric of the game.
  12. The infrastructure at our club is a huge worry. Doesn’t give you any confidence that we’re capable of rebuilding or planning ahead. Although I will say I have more confidence in this management team than any other for quite some time. They might be able to steady the ship, if they’re given ample time. But without sounding like a broken record, our only hope of turning this club around will only come once we’re rid of Chansiri. Until then we’re in a very perilous position.
  13. Incredibly underrated on the world stage, but very much loved on these shores. This is a song he wrote about his daughter, who was about to go on her travels for 6 months around the far east, which he was really worried about. Really touching words.
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