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  1. Said he’s been crap all season tbh because that’s what he is.
  2. I’m not sure what Patterson is but footballer no.
  3. Tbf he has two chances in the last two games both open goals and missed both. Crewe one would have put game to bed and today we all know how crucial that would have been. It’s a simple header into an empty net.
  4. FDB MOM vs MK Dons - dropped Byers MOM Crewe - dropped FDB pulled today despite looking like our only threat for most of the game. Odd.
  5. Whenever we have lost games recently we’ve always responded well so let’s hope we follow today up with two wins.
  6. Patterson missed an open goal there. Are we the only set of fans always willing to make excuses for the inexcusable? Heard some say he couldn’t get it down. Jesus - it’s a big a sitter as you will see - it’s a bad as Berahino or his own one then game before. Sick of seeing him in a Wednesday shirt - he’s utter garbage.
  7. I think Moore deserves a pre season without embargo’s and the chaos of last summer. His tenure hasn’t been perfect but the club feels like it’s being managed better than when it was under Pulis, Jos or Monk. So if Moore has a good relationship with the chairman, in the long term, the stability should start paying off. The players like Moore and he’s created a good team spirit. Sacking Moore wouldn’t achieve much at this stage, only disrupting any progress he’s made behind the scenes.
  8. We moan at the team often enough for showing a weak spine and mentality so perhaps the OP needs to remember there is a reason those players don’t play for us anymore and trust we have better players in those positions - the team has shown a better mentality and now the fan base needs too. We didn’t end Wimbledons long winless run despite the new manager bounce and we’ve started coming back from losing positions this season. Am I worried about George Hirst, Corbeanu and Wickham? No.
  9. Good to see Dawson doing well. I think it is probably a case where he has found his level, although I think he would be fine in League 1 for a team just trying to survive. Was always tough for Dawson playing under the shadow of the Westwood situation. Dawson always been a good shot stopper but I just don't think his technical ability and the way most teams from top 6 of our league and above try to play suits him. Solid lower league keeper.
  10. Did well to mention more later goals in post than full stops.
  11. Thought it was a great sub by Moore. It made us more attacking and gave us balance. He won’t be starting games there anymore (LCB) but when chasing a game it’s certainly not the worse option for us to have to keep as many attack minded players on.
  12. Iorfa is one of the most over rated players in recent times. He will struggle to make the bench when Palmer is back and even more so when Gibson is back. Iorfa ability on the ball is scary(bad) for a professional player. He isn’t great in the air and there is only so far raw pace can get you. Saturday horror show from Iorfa could be a blessing in disguise because it really highlight how much better Storey is. Least Darren knows. Also fair play to Moore with the sub there!
  13. Think the club have got all of the decisions correct on the youngsters we didn’t cave into and offer terms they didn’t warrant. Clare - Done nothing Hirst - Not done much shown some recent promise but no where near the hype his camp were spouting. Urgohide - Really not a very good player. Athlete yes but very average player. Brennan has more potential. Shaw - A very average player too. Absolutely no way should we have broke the bank to keep any of them. Sign of the times where they all thought they were better than they were rather than keep their heads down and try to progress with us. All have gone the other way. Cadamateri looks a much better prospect to me than Hirst did at the same age. A more complete player at that age. Let’s hope he has a better head on his shoulders and works hard and sees the grass isn’t always greener as above.
  14. Since Carlos left the bond between fans and managers since has been apathetic. It’s safe to say Pulis Monk and Jos were universally disliked by our fan base. I think despite some concerns on the whole Moore has won a large section of the fan base over. The players certainly seem to respect him. Moore deserves credit for engaging the fans again and destroying the apathy. He is working well with the chairman too. The first manager since Carlos to do this. The positives seem to outweigh the negatives with Moore. Well done for bringing a feel good factor back IMO.
  15. Is the OP Callum? If NML was to be reverted to RWB ahead of Hunt, which I would do, it’s Berahino who comes in upfront. Back to the strikers who led the line in the 6-0.
  16. Annoying with Hunt. Always feel he could be better of go up and extra gear!
  17. I just hope Dean stays fit as he’s miles better than any of them.
  18. The first two subs were not done for the sake of giving minutes. NML couldn’t do 90 and we needed Sow on to stretch them in a similar way. Iorfa was bought on for his pace and to try and negate Alfie May who was getting in behind. Patterson I’ll give ya.
  19. Gets dropped next week for me. NML to the right and Berahino in.
  20. Dunkley won’t make bench once Palmer and Gibson are back so strange OP thinks he makes the best line up.
  21. Brilliant seeing Dean back. A proper CB. Better than any other player in that postion at the club. Decent back up in Iorfa and then Dunkley.
  22. Only have to think back to last week tbf.
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