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  1. Anyone who went to tramlines this year will know that yes they may ask to see them, but checking them is another matter. Club has to tick boxes and it has well done but pretty sure like most of the major organisations majority of people I have seen this year looking at these things just wave you in. Could use your Asda voucher.
  2. I think you have to keep Johnson and Palmer in the wide Cb roles. They bring the ball out from the back excellently and are a massive part of our game plan now. Brennan has done amazingly but he would be the obvious one to take out whilst he has done well, rather then wait for a bad display and damage his confidence. Palmer Dunkley Johnson. Gotta be the best backline atm even with everyone fit.
  3. I listen to most of the Wednesday pods as I am driving about. This is 100% now the best Wednesday pod.
  4. I never thought I would say this but Johnson and Palmer have earned their shirts in the wide CB roles. When Dunkley, Hutchinson, Iorfa and Gibson are fit they are all competing for one position. Palmer and Johnson will be crucial to how we play second half of the season. Having these two at the side of the CB positions and not any of the others, is the exact reason why we have got better from an attacking perspective. In a strange way the injuries to Iorfa and Hutchinson made us better, Would like them back for the squad though. Dunkley would be ahead of them at CB too. Am I mad or is that how others see it now?
  5. It's a poor league. Still stand by the fact almost all of the other managers would take majority of our team. We have by far the best squad in this league. Hence why we are able to deal with the injuries we have had to deal with. Hopefully other teams above us will have similar issues but I doubt they will be able to manage and this is why I think post xmas we really will kick on. We beat Rotherham and Wigan away and have them to play at home. Seems like something has clicked with our players mentalities too. That bad run we had could be a blessing in the long term to avoid against any further complacency. Not many teams in this league can lose a player of Luongo calibre and bring a player like Wing in, not to mention Adrenian is also injured and will be back soon. Palmer, Johnson and Dunkley have really stepped up to help cope with the loss of Hutch and Iorfa. We need to sign a CB in Jan with no history of injuries and a striker to replace Berahino/Sow. A striker and CB away from being ready for a top two place imo.
  6. The concern with Berahino is how many chances does Moore give him before it can have a negative effect on the morale of the squad? As things stand he is seemingly getting more chances than say Sow is. Why was he bought on instead of say Kamberi who has had a much better season then him. So you run the risk of upsetting the morale of certain players. Berahino career suggests that he is on a very steady decline. He was given the chance to really show he still has something but I don't think it is unfair to suggest he looks like he is going through the motions. Just his passing for example is sloppy and he gives the ball away countless times, these are things you would thing he would be able to sharpen up even if he is low on confidence. He also does not seem to have the attributes to contribute at all. Lack of pace and lack of strength. Hopefully Moore will look to move Sow and Berahino on and replace with a striker who has some attributes we don't have for when we might want to use plan B in a game.
  7. The last time we had a good run at the start of the season a few of our players came out with similar comments about winning the league. Whilst confidence is good, the only way us fans care about is how we play on the pitch. Talk is cheap and I would prefer that the players didn't keep speaking about winning the league, just puts undue pressure on the team and might give the opposition added incentive to ram those words down our throats. Let's keep winning games and let the football do the talking.
  8. Wing has obviously got talent and he proved that in the Championship last season. Perhaps he’s found it hard as Bannan is the main man here and at Rotherham he was the main playmaker. I have been dissapointed with his impact so far but I’ve learned with Dunkley, that there is always a chance these players can turn things around. If Wing could do a Dunkley and turn his season around, he could be like a new signing. At least when Wing isn’t playing well he’s not a passenger. He still keeps his position well and gets around the pitch. Hopefully the rest will come in terms of goals and assists.
  9. Bannan FDB Luongo Wing Byers Adrenian Some options we have when all fit. Better options than when we got relegated from Championship!
  10. It’s a long season. Coming into a time where a lot of squads will be stretched to the limit. We have a big squad and we will also do business in January. Too 6 is minimum requirement. Should be aiming for top 2.
  11. It’s poor from Moore to keep persisting with Berahino. Once again he did nothing when he came on yesterday. All Moore has done there is probably damage Kamberi confidence. He came on at Porthsmouth and almost cost us a goal by losing it on edge of box. He manages to get on bench every game. Get rid in January. Would rather we just put Cadamaterie on bench! One thing is for sure - he would do no worse.
  12. Made some great saves but if George Hirst had not dived he would have been at fault there for a goal and in the first half he fumbled that ball in the air inexplicably. So even in a MOM performance he narrowly avoided two absolute howlers. When good keepers get MOM they don't have those near misses.
  13. I have seen George Hirst play a few times since he left us and never been impressed. Always looked slow and cumbersome and lightweight. Last night he looked miles better than our strikers. Yes he went down too easily but he showed power and strength in his running. Looks like he will come good - at least at this level. Expect to start scoring regularly now.
  14. Thought Callum McMannaman would have been a really good wide player for us in the 2nd playoff season. Was awful and he has been on a downward spiral ever since. Remember only a season or two before he won Wigan the Fa Cup final pretty much on his own.
  15. Haven't read all the replies so apologies if someone has already said this. Imo Rob Staton is the only swfc related journalist who not only asks the right questions but he questions the replies if they are deemed inaccurate or skirting the issue. This is why he will have been refused an interview. The other journalists, I don't doubt ask the right questions, but none ever question the replies.
  16. Not a chance anyone above League 1 would be looking at Hunt.
  17. Moore is lucky that we have had an up turn in results in the league and in terms of performances. Last night another major flag whatever way you look at it. Let's see how we play at Pompey when the players we can rely on more are back. Moore attitude in that interview after the game is what concerns me the most. Just seems so calm, laid back and really not that fussed if we win or lose. You can argue that is the sort of management style that contributes to that type of performance. We have seen more than we care to remember under his tenure already. Jury is out.
  18. It seems those trying to hold onto some hope that Saido Berahino is going to come good, say he makes good runs and has good movement. This is a phrase that gets banded about anytime a striker is utter garbage. I can remember Stevie May had good movement as did Jordan Rhodes. End of the day any striker worth their wage is going to make good runs and have good movement. It is like saying a keeper has good handling. No point in making good runs if you have no pace to get on the ball or no strength to hold defenders off, or finish like a 7 year old kid would with no power. Look at Windass and Gregory - good movement and runs - it's what strikers have. But they have all the other aspects to a strikers game you need along with the literal basics of MOVING! Berahino has been garbage for his whole career other then one season about a decade ago. Just cancel the deal and play one of the U23s.
  19. I have watched this a few times now and thought it at the time. What is Wildsmith doing? He can still get that if he is more alert and on his toes. He is a pathetic keeper. Get rid.
  20. Moore has released the shackles to be fair to him. Lot's of managers here and at other clubs are very stubborn. Moore has shown flexibility, which I do like. I am still not convinced with some aspects of his management but I am pleased he has been less stubborn and shown ability to adapt and change, which many managers don't.
  21. Any updates on the wages not being paid too OP? Cheers.
  22. Looks very promising and assured for his age. Looks more confident and better ability than when Bromby, Wood and Beevers all came through. They all had fairly decent careers in and around Championship level, so no reason why he cannot do AT LEAST that.
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